KC and DPs

I just saw that FC Dallas signed Davino, 31 year old defender from Club America in Mexico. Other news has Claudio Lopez heading somewhere in MLS. It got me thinking regarding KC and our DP spot. The more I think about it the more I’m sure that we will not fill that spot until the new stadium opens. If I’m On Goal there is no way I’m coughing up DP cash on anyone so long as my current stadium only holds 10,000 butts.

I realize some of us are idealist and argue that if it helps you win then you spend it regardless of the off field impact it has. However, winning long term is the goal and hemorrhaging money to have a big name star is hardly going help us reach that goal. Others will say it will make tickets to the games difficult to get and thus more highly sought after. Yes, but so what. No more money is made by the team issuing tickets when the street value goes up. It is simply not happening.

I don’t mention this to be a discouragement, but to give us as supports a wider vision of the Wizards that sees 3, 5, 10 years from now. I have no inside info on this, but I imagine we will build the strongest team we can under the salary cap and without a DP over the next two years. Then when we open Bannister Road they will sign someone that is exciting to watch and draws fans in. In many ways this is good, we can sit back and learn from DP failures like Denilson at FCD as well as learn from successes like Emilio at DC United. In the mean time to keep from constantly getting down, don’t get excited when a big foreign name mentions coming to the US.


6 Responses

  1. Yeah, moving to Bannister will really draw in the big names…

  2. I can see us getting a DP if Eddie is sold for a bunch of money.

  3. Davino is not a DP.

  4. nor is Emilio

  5. I would be happy if they just bring in some new blood. Onalfo has been here a year now….get to shaping this team how you like. Go out and get a big name non-DP…..trade Burciaga for another player….DO SOMETHING! The same team with a few new draft picks is not going to cut it…..we made the playoffs last season, now let’s move up in the standings so that fan interest will be there when we open our new stadium. I’m tired of reading about other teams signing or trading for new players. GIVE US SOMETHING TO CHEER (or at least talk) ABOUT!

  6. I stand corrected regarding Davino and Emilio, the point is still the same though, we won’t sign a DP for two years.

    CG, I couldn’t agree more. I’d love to see some new faces on the roster.

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