Redevelop Bannister Rally

Originally posted at Down the Byline.

Today at Bannister Mall, the rally to support the tearing down and redevelopment of the area occurred outside the old Dillard’s entrance. Which, as you can see, has seen much better days. There was a large crowd there, at least 100-150 people there, many of them with signs against the petition and for the redevelopment of the area. Not bad for only 3 or so days of getting it together, according to Al Brooks, who basically MC’d the rally. Most of the ralliers were local citizens, mainly from one of the local churches. Also there, though, were many community leaders who were in support of the project, including, Chuck Eddy, John Sharp, sixth district rep, Cathy Jolly, sixth district at large, Representative Michael Brown, representatives from both the KCMO and Hickman Mills school district, including Hickman Mills superintendent Marge Williams, along with many others, including cameras from Fox 4, KCTV 5, and KMBC 9 as well as the local print medias. Continue reading


Bannister in the News

The KC Star has an article that puts the opposition’s view in proper perspective, It’s a bad idea. Read it here.

If you are really interested there is another article about the situation from KC Community News.