2008 KC Wizards Jersey: High Quality Picture

Here is the final 2008 Kansas City Wizards Home Jersey. As you can see it is closer to “Wizards Blue” than our photo of the prototype first showed. I love it! What do you think? Buying one? Official Press Release explaining the jersey decision below. Continue reading


Women’s Soccer to KC?


Steven Goff of the Washington Post’s Inside Soccer spoke to the head of the new women’s professional soccer league, creatively called Women’s Professional Soccer. There are currently 7 teams that will begin play around April 4th 2009. One note of interest is that they are looking to add an 8th and maybe 9th club before the first game is played and Kansas City along with San Jose, Vancouver and Cary, NC were mentioned as possible destinations. If you’re reading this you are probably a big soccer fan and live in the Kansas City area, so would you attend Women’s Professional Soccer games? Continue reading

30,000 Hits

Not that any of you care about this info, but today Oz City hit the 30,000 hit mark in just 73 days of existence. Thank you all for visiting. There is a partnership on the table that may make this website even more interesting, if it pans out I’ll let you know next week.

Burciaga Traded to Colorado


Vermes/Onalfo continue to tear apart the Wizards 2007 team, this time sending Burciaga to the Colorado CRapids. It appears they are either going to rely a great deal on rookies or they are clearing cap space for some serious signings. Let’s hope it is the later and somehow related to Onalfo’s trip to Argentina last month. Iván Trujillo shouldn’t cost too much to sign, these next few weeks should be really disappointing or really exciting depending upon what the FO does with this new found cap space. Official Press Release follows. Continue reading

Detailed Preseason Schedule

Other than the games we pick up in Argentina looks like all MLS teams for the preseason.


Jan. 11-15                              Coaching staff in Ft. Lauderdale for MLS Combine

Jan. 18                                   2008 MLS SuperDraft

Jan. 24                                   2008 MLS Supplemental Draft

Jan. 26                                   Players report for preseason training
Jan. 27                                  First day of training open to media

Jan. 28 – 31                            Training in Kansas City*


Feb. 1-16                               Preseason training in Bradenton, Fla. ##

Feb. 9                                     Kansas City vs. Columbus      

Feb. 12                                   Kansas City vs. D.C. United

Feb. 16                                   Kansas City vs. Toronto (split squad)

                                                Kansas City vs. Chicago (split squad)


Feb. 19 – 26                           Training in Kansas City*   

Feb. 27 – March 14              Training in Argentina**


Peter Vermes Up for Soccer Hall of Fame

Here is the complete list. Including Preki and Brian Bliss (last year of eligibility).

Davy Arnaud Surgery “Official”


Finally the team has spoken regarding Davy Arnaud’s surgery. The surgery was a micro-fracture surgery, a result of work done on his knee last winter. That is it was not a result of a particular injury, but rather he has been playing in pain. While this is “news” I feel like I’ve heard it all before. Also mentioned in the report is hernia surgery for Jack Jewsbury, recovery should be much quicker for Jewsbury. If you wish to read the whole report follow the link. Report on Arnaud