Open Letter to the Wizards Front Office

I have no idea if anyone from the Front Office of the Wizards even reads this, but I figure eventually this letter could get before the eyes of the right people and some of these ideas could be implemented to the betterment of the organization. What is below is a plea for the Wizards to make being a fan of the Wizards a better experience.

Start a Team Blog – If you have never seen what this looks like check out the FC Dallas blog at Someone on staff keeps up with the blog and gets video, pictures and info from players and coaches that gives the reader a genuine sense of being a part of the team. When the team travels it is all documented on the blog; when a player goes to national team duty, often the player writes from location on there. When new players are being tried out it is on the blog. There are coach video interviews, player interviews, youth team information, reserve team results, “Cribs” style videos of players homes including big name guys such as Ruiz and post game comments from the players/coaches. Continue reading


Community America Transition Stage I


While out at The Legends this morning I stopped by Community America Ballpark and took some pictures of the what it looks like so that over the winter we can see the transition that takes place. Today they are leveling the infield. Around May they will re-sod the entire field of Kentucky Bluegrass with Bermuda grass. Below are some photos of the field today, you can see there is going to be a bit of construction before this place is going to be able to sit 10,000 people. In the photo above you can see they are expanding the infield and leveling the surface, you can also see the fancy box seats above the common folk seats below. There are more photos inside this post. Continue reading

2007 MLS Waiver Draft

At 2 p.m. Central Thursday the Wizards will draft 11th in MLS waivers draft. It is really not a good sign for anyone to find themselves in the waiver draft and for that reason most teams pass and don’t draft anyone, there are however a few key key names available in the draft tomorrow.

Laurent Merlin, Forward, Chivas USA – Merlin, a French native, had 1 goal and 2 assist in 806 minutes this season.  At $17,700 (listed salary) he would definitely be worth the risk, I do wonder with him as I do all the players available in this draft why he is not worth the risk to the Chivas anymore.

Ramon Nunez, Midfield, Chivas USA – Nunez has flashes of brilliance, he is quick, gets off quick shots, and is full of potential to be great. The problem is he is one of the most selfish players I’ve ever witnessed play the game. Two years ago while playing for FC Dallas he showed how little he cares about his team. When Collin Clark failed to use his third sub on Nunez he reacted by taring off his jersey and going to the locker room with 25 minutes or so left to go. That is anecdotal, but his whole attitude was a poison in the FC Dallas locker room, it doesn’t surprise me that Chivas USA is looking to unload him. It also doesn’t help that he makes $118,000 and managed 0 goals and 3 assist this past season.

Field Conversion of Community America

Article in the Kansas City Kansan about the process of converting Community America from a baseball only complex to one that can handle soccer as well. The grass will be bermuda and is immediately being made into a soccer field so that it is ready in the spring. Click here to read the article.

Zavagnin Catches 180 Pound Marlin

The Weekly Update published an article about Kerry Zavagnin catching a 180 lb Marlin while in Cabo San Lucas recently. Above you can see what this may have looked like if the Marlin were 490 lbs and Kerry had brought Jimmy Conrad with him who was actually a short woman. Just thought I’d have a little fun with this news, if anyone is able to get a real picture send it in and I’ll post that instead. One aspect that puts this fish tale in perspective is that Zavagnin is listed at 170 lbs so while it was basically a fair fight, the fish did have a 10 lb advantage.

If you know of any other off-season activities of the players let me know,

Harrington and Hohlbein Called in to US U-23 Camp


Michael Harrington and Aaron Hohlbein have been called in to U23 US National Team camp by Peter Nowak. The camp is in preparation of the teams’ trip to China and 2008 Olympic Qualifying, the final roster will be announced at a later date. While Harrington has seen youth national team duty in the past this is the first time for Hohlbein. Congratulations to both of them!

Update: Hohlbein’s name is missing in MLS article listing players going to camp. I hope this is a mistake as he is a great choice.

Post Season Player Grades

It had slipped my mind to post my post season player grades for the Wizards, but I’m on top of things now. Here are my mid season player grades. So let’s see if players were able to improve on their mid-term grades.


Kevin Hartman – Did what was expected of him, he was an improvement in net over Oshoniyi, though the stats do not show it. Will be interesting to see if age continues to catch up with him over the course of next season. B-

Eric Kronberg – Did not play a first team minute this season. INC

Chris Konopka – See Kronberg. INC


Jimmy Conrad – Not the Groins best season in KC, but Captain Kansas has continued to be a rock in the middle of defense for Kansas City. B+

Jack Jewsbury – Jack did well in his first season after making the move from midfielder to wingback. Was able to still get into the attack some, as well as making some good defensive plays. I still don’t think he’s the long term answer at that position, but he certainly showed himself capable of playing there. B

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