2008 MLS SuperDraft

The 2008 MLS SuperDraft took place on January 18th in Baltimore, MD. This year the Wizards had 6 picks, including the number one pick:

#1 Chance Myers

 With the first overall pick in the draft our Wizards chose UCLA defender Chance Myers. Myers played just two years of college ball collecting a total of 4 goals and 4 assists playing in 42 games. You can probably guess by his hair that he is from Cali, specifically Thousand Oaks, CA. While he is an unexpected pick this high in the draft Myers has been in the eyes of U.S. National team for some time now having played for both the U-18 and U-20 teams. This January Chance was called into the U-23 team’s camp. What I think surprises many people is that we essentially traded Nick Garcia — a proven defender — for Chance Myers, a project player. Why? Simply put, money. Garcia counted for $125,000 against our 2.4 million cap while Chance will count as $0 due to his Generation Adidas status.



#11 Roger Espinoza

 With their second pick and eleventh overall in the draft the Wizards chose 5′ 10″ 160 pound midfielder Roger Espinoza out of Ohio State. Originally from Aurora, Colorado he played most of his college ball at Yavapai College (junior college). Playing in 2007, Roger’s only year at Ohio State, he scored three goals and assisted on 3 more playing in 26 games. Playing two years at Yavapai Junior College he scored a total of 7 goals with 6 assists in 50 games.


#23 Yomby William

With the 23rd pick in the draft the Kansas City Wizards have picked defender Yomby William out of Old Dominion University. Originally  from Bafoussam, Cameroon he began his college ball at Oschang. At 26 years of age he is a bit old to just be starting at the professional level. What he has going for him is being huge. At 6’4″ 185 pounds he is one of the larger defenders in the league; assuming he has any speed he could turn out to be a decent option off the bench.


#25 Jon Leathers

 With the 25th pick the Wizards chose defender Jon Leathers out of Furman University. He grew up in Athens, Georgia where he attended Prince Avenue Christian. He was awarded the Furman Male Athlete of the Year in 2006/2007. Jon was one of the players called into the U.S. U-23 National team that Hohlbein and Harrington traveled with to China recently.


Matt Marquess

With the 39th pick in the draft the Wizards take midfielder Matt Marquess. Matt is out of Santa Clara and scored 1 goal in his college career and had 4 assists. While listed as a midfielder he played two NCAA tournament games at defense. That along with his stats leads me to believe he must be a defensive mid. Hobbies are listed as hockey and golf, not sure how he’ll like Kansas City.


Rauwshan McKenzie

53rd and final pick is defender Rauwshan McKenzie out of Michigan State. He has 2 goals and 3 assist over his entire college career.



We chose 4 defenders and 2 midfielders which means we must have some plans at forward coming in via transfers. Trujillo for sure, but there must be someone else that has yet to even show up in rumors. That or we are in for a long 2008 season.


2 Responses

  1. I think the stats of the players from the draft is not good enough if going by stats. The really one good addition to the team i think is chance myers. Anywhere Pro league is completely different from college ball.

    Nobody seems to be saying anything about the first wizards tryout coming up next weekend. The surprise package might just come from this tryout. Usually the best players don’t usually go to college,thus they cann’t make it to the superdraft. I think if the ciaching staff really put in some seriousness in this tryout, i have a strong feeling we will have an unforgettable player from there,someone that might become a club legend.

    To me the major problem of this team this year will be the defence. Johnson has left,so did Thierry henry left arsenal,,but there are still scoring goals. The limelight was on Johnson alone,,ther strategy was builded around him. But now i think they will be many options when it comes to scoring,,watch my words. I think the coaching staff should go into next week tryout looking for a good experience defender that can support Conrad at the back. He is playing with a bunch of inexperience lads that can easily get broken in big games. PLus Conrad will still leave at the middle of the season for the national team Camp. We don’t want what happened last year to repeat itself this year. We need somebody that can play in the back in the absence of Conrad and create thesame impact as our belove captain. I am waiting on ur reactions about this tryout coming up. I think we need to create awareness amonsgt the coaching and technical staff that this tryout might just be the solution to the invincible problems we might face this season.

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    thanks chris.

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