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Roster Page on left updates. Also info on our draft pages can be found more permantly on 2008 MLS SuperDraft page on left.


Oz City’s State of the Wizards

This is the first annual Oz City “State of the Wizards Address.” (Although nothing can technically be called “annual” until the second occasion.) I would love to see an official version of this by the guy above in the Uncle Sam suit, Robb Heineman. If you don’t know Robb is the President of the Wizards. In many ways this expresses what I’m excited about for the Wizards in 2008 and beyond as well as what I am worried about. I’ve broken it into two major sections: on the field and off the field. Enjoy. Continue reading

Something More Important Than The Wizards

There will be no Wizards news for the first few days this week, everyone is off spending time with family. I thought I’d take this time to mention what this break in the year is about. Until recently I would have thought most would immediately give the answer,  it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Now I am not sure, I have noticed that increasingly it being redefined to be about family.

I watched the Shrek Christmas special last week. Continue reading

New Domain Name for Oz City

I saw that for a mere $15 I could get a domain name that is easier to remember than so I bought it. The old links should work for the next month, but if you have an RSS feed or a bookmark to the site you should change it to the following address. (my first choice was already taken by some company in Australia that doesn’t use it for anything, perhaps they simply wanted to frustrate me). Anyway thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the site and look forward to a long future of building knowledge and excitement of the team we all love, the KC Wizards.

Don’t forget to update your bookmarks.


Oz City Round Up

Down the Byline covers news of the Borgetti rumor refusing to die. Read it here.

The official site has posted an mp3 of President Robb Heineman answering questions about the new stadium deal. You can here the mp3 by clicking here or download by right clicking and chosing “save as” or “save target as.”

MLS Underground has covered the Pain in the Butt or Heart of the team article, the comments are an interesting read as it takes it beyond the Cauldron and looks at the question league wide. Read it here.

The KC Star wrote an article on fans picking out their seats last week. Check it out.

The Wizards Jersey History page has been updated, not sure how many are still missing. Here is the link.

Solved Missing Photo Problem

There is now a photo on the Die-hard Fans, Heart of Team or Pain in the Butt post, click here to check it out, great photo and big thanks to G. Newman Lowrance for the use of this photo. You can also visit his website at

Giving Up On Being A Quitter

I simply can not stay away. I’ve thought about this site and it can be and ought to be a joyous hobby.I will slow down a bit and make sure this sight is never my top priority. I should also mention I’m going to have to use images on the web from time to time. If asked to remove them by the owner I will immediately, I will not use YCJ photos without permission. I do hope that permission may be granted from time to time as the few pictures of theirs I have looked at are great pictures. I’ve apologized to the individual I have wronged and I believe he has forgiven me, now we move on to covering the Wizards, but please, myself included, let’s not be bigger jerks online than we are in person simply because of the anonymity it provides. I know, not much of a break, I do plan to slow down though there are a few logo based post coming this week.