2008 Depth Chart

Part of me says it’s too early in preseason to even attempt establishing a depth chart, but then again I do find it valuable to visualize the roster.  So, please note that this chart includes each player in only one position, what I consider their primary position. However, the Wizards have a number of versatile players, especially on the midfield wing positions, so by no means are they locked in to where I have them.  Further, I’ve included all Wizards draft picks (except for Arze who signed with Vancouver) and imminent incomer Ivan Trujillo, but not any of the trialists.  Please provide feedback, because as I said in the comments — this is nothing more than a rough draft of who and where we will see them on the field this season.



7 Responses

  1. Time to update the depth chart? Photos would help too!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. This will surely be a draft in progress.

  3. Based on last season, I think Morsink is the other Dmid not Sasha.

    As for the defenders, I don’t think that Myers is going to play back in a 3 man system. With 3 defenders you play more with central defenders. Not to mention Myers is more of a right sided player.

    Espinoza is probably the number 2 left mid, not Kraus.

    Just a few thoughts.

  4. Hartman

    Juice Conrad Wahl

    Arnaud (Myers) Kerry Morsink Harrington
    Sealy Ivan T

  5. Time to update….

  6. Isn’t Morsink the #2 AM? He seemed to play there every time Marinelli was out?

  7. not specific to the current depth chart, but,… what happened to harrington playing on the-23 olympic qualifiers?

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