2008 KC Wizards Jersey: High Quality Picture

Here is the final 2008 Kansas City Wizards Home Jersey. As you can see it is closer to “Wizards Blue” than our photo of the prototype first showed. I love it! What do you think? Buying one? Official Press Release explaining the jersey decision below. Continue reading


Training Facility Video Tour

This past Friday a good friend of mine (and his children) took a tour of the Wizards state of the art Training facility. It was really great to see where the team spends much of their time preparing for Games and bonding as a group. Thank you Rick Dressel for taking us on the tour and thank you Kyle Rogers for setting this up. This is access that other teams simply do not allow, as a fan I am grateful for their kindness and hope they will continue leading the league when it comes to opening up to their fans. Enjoy the video (remember this is amateur).

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2008 Wizards Jersey: Video

This video is a clip of a larger video of the tour of the Kansas City Wizards training facility. Thank you Wizards for letting us come in and film, the access you have given your fans is amazing and I hope this will continue. The man holding the jersey is Rick Dressel, Director of Team Administration. He showed us around, answered questions and went far beyond I imagine his job description requires. Thank you Wizards and thank you Rick, here is the jersey clip. Check back early next week for full tour video. Also a big thanks to Kyle Rogers, communications assistant who set this up.

2008 KC Wizards Jersey with Picture

Finally after much talk of what the 2008 Wizards Jersey will look like I have a picture of it. The jersey is the actual jersey with the lettering and logo missing. This picture was taken during a tour of the Wizards training facility Friday evening a video of that tour will be posted on Monday. So what do you think of our new jersey? More pictures inside.
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Blue and Yellow: Match Made in Heaven

As we reach one of the slowest sections of the off season I thought now would be a good time to consider the physical look of our team. While we don’t know exactly what the new Wizards Jersey will look like, we do know that it will include yellow in the design. Yellow is also included on the new Season ticket pamphlets. While this concerned me at first, I’ve now come to be really excited about yellow being in our jersey and even more excited that OnGoal may be moving to changing our colors from only the traditional blue, black and white to those three plus yellow. This added color goes well with blue and will give the team a wider range of product designs, identity and uniqueness. Continue reading

UK Offering Old Wizards Jerseys?

There is a website in the UK offering some of the ugly, though endearing, jerseys of our past for sale. The cost ranges from 20 to 40 pounds though I don’t know how many US dollars that is.

note: I don’t know who took these pictures, if it was you kindly let me know and I’d gladly give you credit for it.

You can see all the Wizards jerseys here.

Mock Up of Possible 2008 Wizards Jersey


This is an edited version of the 2007/2008 Chelsea jersey which I believe is similar to the 2008 version of the Wizards home jersey. My personal preference would be for a lighter Argentinian/power blue or for a bright green to accompany the blue rather than yellow, however there is a good chance the jersey will look similar to the one above.