All Wizards’ Draft Picks Summary: Final

#1 Chance Myers

 With the first overall pick in the draft our Wizards chose UCLA defender Chance Myers. Myers played just two years of college ball collecting a total of 4 goals and 4 assists playing in 42 games. You can probably guess by his hair that he is from Cali, specifically Thousand Oaks, CA. While he is an unexpected pick this high in the draft Myers has been in the eyes of U.S. National team for some time now having played for both the U-18 and U-20 teams. This January Chance was called into the U-23 teams camp. Continue reading


Women’s Soccer to KC?


Steven Goff of the Washington Post’s Inside Soccer spoke to the head of the new women’s professional soccer league, creatively called Women’s Professional Soccer. There are currently 7 teams that will begin play around April 4th 2009. One note of interest is that they are looking to add an 8th and maybe 9th club before the first game is played and Kansas City along with San Jose, Vancouver and Cary, NC were mentioned as possible destinations. If you’re reading this you are probably a big soccer fan and live in the Kansas City area, so would you attend Women’s Professional Soccer games? Continue reading

Oz City Plans for 2008

I thought I’d take a moment and let you know the plans for this site in 2008. While news has been slow recently it should pick up soon with major transfers throughout January and league trades leading into the season. January 18th we’ll pick up a few players in the MLS Supedraft; images of both the Bannister stadium and new jersey should surface leading us up to the pre-season not long after that. Oz City is meant to be more than just a blog though. You might have noticed the static pages in the left column. Those are meant to be reference pages that are easily accessible all the time. Many of you know a great deal about the team, however as new fans are gained they will be looking for info about the team and those pages will be a big help. This will take some time to finish- if you are interested in helping with any of the pages let me know. Now let me tell you about some of the fun things planned for this year. Continue reading

Good Times…

FC Dallas has on official fan club organization. You join it and get a T-shirt, big photo of team and favorite player, the best part however is the two free tickets to certain away games. I choose the Wizards/FCD game in may for my tickets. I took the weird looking guy on the left (whose name I wont’ mention) with me. He is a big Wizards fan, at the time I was not. I wore my FCD jersey and as we walked in the stadium the guy on the left kept telling me how I was going to be beat up wearing that thing into the game, all the while laughing and teasing. Continue reading

Strange Video

The following is either a homemade video or out takes for the old Wizards commercials. Not sure, but I’m posting it since it is the off season.

Video posted by bihuniak, if you read this bihuniak perhaps you can tell what this is all about.

More of Community America (Video)

I was at the Legends again today and made a special stop at Community America Park to check it out now that the lines had been drawn. The logo in the middle of the field looks great, I hope they keep for the season. It would be a great thing if other MLS teams placed their logo in the circle as well. Anyway check out the video inside, it includes a cheesy Oz City TV title. Continue reading