Hillcrest Responds to Cause for Alarm

I thought it worth bringing attention to the response of Hillcrest to Tony Felich’s post Cause for Alarm. It gives some insight into the team this year that any basic fan would be interested in and not sure you’d catch in the comments. You may wish to read Cause for Alarm as well if you have not yet. If you don’t know Hillcrest is part of the front office staff¬† and so his post comes with true insight. His comments are below.

  1. A couple pieces of food for thought:

    Last year we lost 3-0 in our first pre-season match and went to the semifinal. Crew won all their pre-season matches, yet finished behind us in the standings.

    A major priority for our coaching staff was adding speed and versatility during the draft. They did not evaluate any of the forward prospects more highly than either Chance or Roger in the first round, so we acquired two very talented young players who are hardworking AND Generation adidas, so we control them for an extended amount of time without having to expose them to the expansion drafts that are coming soon. Continue reading


Sasha Victorine Next?

MLS Underground is reporting that an anonymous emailer with ties close to the Wizards says Sasha Victorine will be the next to go in Onalfo’s house cleaning. San Jose is the destination listed. At $137,000 a year for limited minutes it makes sense. Again, time will tell. During the next 24 hours now I expect we’ll see a great deal of player movement.

#1 Pick Trade Bait?

This is the time of year where really odd trades seem to happen one after another. Teams find a guy in the draft they want must find a way to get high enough in the draft to pick them. Current rumor flying is that the Houston Dynamo are looking to our Number one pick due to two of their forwards (not Ching) looking to go over seas. The question is what would they give up for that pick? Again just a rumor, but word is Brian Mullan and their #1 2008 pick is what they are willing to lay on the table. If this were to go through we would have effectively traded Nick Garcia for Brian Mullan, which leads me to believe this will die as merely a rumor. One reason Onalfo has stated for the Garcia trade is clearing salary. With Garcia making $131,000 and Mullan $125,000 (has recently re-signed to what would be an expected raise due to his status as 2007 team co-MVP). The end result on salary cap then is $6,000 freed up at best. Still these are exciting times and you can bet we’ve got a few good signings coming before the season begins. That or we are toast.

2008 Wizards Jersey: Video

This video is a clip of a larger video of the tour of the Kansas City Wizards training facility. Thank you Wizards for letting us come in and film, the access you have given your fans is amazing and I hope this will continue. The man holding the jersey is Rick Dressel, Director of Team Administration. He showed us around, answered questions and went far beyond I imagine his job description requires. Thank you Wizards and thank you Rick, here is the jersey clip. Check back early next week for full tour video. Also a big thanks to Kyle Rogers, communications assistant who set this up.

KC and DPs

I just saw that FC Dallas signed Davino, 31 year old defender from Club America in Mexico. Other news has Claudio Lopez heading somewhere in MLS. It got me thinking regarding KC and our DP spot. The more I think about it the more I’m sure that we will not fill that spot until the new stadium opens. If I’m On Goal there is no way I’m coughing up DP cash on anyone so long as my current stadium only holds 10,000 butts. Continue reading

KC Star Actually Covers the Wizards

The Star has actually done a store on the Wizards this off season. It is on Eddie’s impending transfer.¬† Read it here.

Official Wizards Blog Coming

There is reason to believe the Wizards are putting out an official blog some time before the season begins, perhaps as early as February. Not only a blog, but an entire “internet network.” Meaning we will have more access to the team via different services and social/peer networks than any other team in the league. Finally, it is good to be a Wizards fan. I for one can’t wait to see it.

Any features you hope to see?