MLS Blog Guide 1.5

General Blogs

  • Du Nord – This blog is a summary of what is going on in the MLS and in US Soccer. While there are occasional stories it mostly consists of links and summaries to other stories. If you are going to visit one single general MLS blog per day this is currently the place to go.
  • The Offsides Rules – This blog mixes soccer and culture creating an interesting read.
  • Glen Davis – Professional soccer writer, show host, commentator, etc. working from Houston. Covers Dynamo as well as other aspects which is why it is listed here.
  • MLS Underground – Best place to find information on MLS supporters groups and fan culture.
  • MLS Rumors – Covering MLS player movement, expansion info, jersey info, etc.
  • Climbing the Ladder – Analysis of American Soccer, though it is usually very critical and negative. Perhaps he is a realist.
  • Soccer Insider – I’ve double listed this site because it really does cover the world of soccer well on top of the DC United coverage. Steven Goff puts out one of the better soccer blogs on the planet. It might be mentioned as well that this is officially through the Washington Post, lets hope all the local papers work to accomplish something like this.
  • The MLS Zone – Apparently this site has been around since February 2007; pretty good as there is coverage I haven’t seen other places.
  • Center Holds It – Nothing incredibly unique, but serves to deliver a mix of MLS and world soccer news.
  • From College to Pros – Just as you might suspect, this blog covers unheard of youth and some you may have heard of and their journey to the Bigs. I’m sure this will be an important destination during the SuperDraft.
  • Yanks Abroad – In good American fashion, it filters any sense of team and focuses solely on the American players and their accomplishments or failures in the world’s leagues. This now includes Freddy Adu, Cory Gibbs, DaMarcus Beasley, Bobby Convey, Eddie Johnson and many others.
  • FootyTube – Brings together YouTube video from the leagues of the world; I’ve linked directly to the MLS section.

Team Blogs


Chivas USA

  • The Offsides – I know little about this because I can’t stand Chivas USA.



Columbus Crew

DC United

  • Soccer Insider – One of the better and more widely read blogs on soccer. Steven Goff does an excellent job covering DC United and the rest of the soccer world.

FC Dallas

  • 3rd Degree – 3rd Degree is the site that inspired Oz City. Buzz does incredible coverage of the Hoops even traveling with the team on trips to Spain and South America in the past.
  • FC Dallas Update – The official blog of FC Dallas. This is my favorite of all blogs. Gives info that no one else is able to get.
  • Soccer-Point – Wish the name had something to do with the Hoops, but if you can get past that it is a great site with interesting original articles.

Houston Dynamo

Kansas City Wizards

  • Oz City – Of course I must think this is the best thing out there for Wizards Coverage, plus the author is really humble. Someday I hope to win Down the By Line over as full partner and centralize our coverage.
  • Down the By Line – Another great blog that has been covering the Wizards for much longer than Oz City.
  • Coach Curt Onalfo’s Blog – Not much here yet, not sure if there ever will be, but due to his position I thought I would include it.
  • HillCrest Road – Launched in January, the Wizards Front Office and specificially media relations guru Kyle Rogers, have done a tremendous job of covering the team with behind-the-scenes access. Must read for stadium updates, player movement, events, and all other inside information.
  • Kansas City Soccer Review – Also launched in January, provides a morning news blast on all Wizards-related links, as well as occasional video from practices.
  • Brad Porter, KC MetroSports – Not a traditional blog as each new post is an individual article, so the link takes you to the homepage for ‘professional sports’ where the most recent articles are listed and ‘professional soccer’ is listed on the right.
  • Pete Grathoff, KC Star – Has not been updated since  December 2007, but like Curt’s, I will hold it’s place here just in case.
  • Jimmy Conrad Player Blog – The Wizards’ captain, in addition to contributing to, shares his comic genius.
  • Andrew Dicicco Trial Blog – Invited to preseason by KC, the San Diego State alum and son of former WNT coach Tony Dicicco chronicles the journey.  Each entry is posted as a new article, so the link is to the main page for SDSU Men’s Soccer.

Los Angeles Galaxy


  • Official Team Blog – Has tons of unique info on the LA Beckhams. Not as good as the FCD official, but better than the other teams attempt seeing as many have done nothing.

New England Revolution

  • Blue Blooded Journo – Site with a love affair with all things Revolution.
  • RevsNet – All things Revs, one stop place for new info.

New York Redbulls

  • MetroFanatic – A blog fan site that is really good, someone works their butt off to keep this thing going.
  • NY Times “Goal” – They have a soccer blog that is easier to complete than the crossword puzzle. Covers some international soccer and the Red Bulls.
  • Big Apple Soccer – More of an all things soccer in the New York area than a blog, covers college, professional, mens, womens, everything.
  • Soccer By Ives – Recently went independent from the NJ Herald, Ives rivals Goff for inside sources on breaking MLS news. Still very much a self-proclaimed “Jersey flavor,” i.e. emphasis on NY Red Bulls.
  • To Red Bull New York and Beyone – Another Red Bulls blog.
  • Red Bull Rising – Another one further proving there are more Red Bulls blogs than there are fans.

Real Salt Lake


  • The RSLFM Report – Not the most catchy of names, but the site is pretty good. This is the source for independent RSL news.

San Jose Earthquakes


  • Soccer Silicon Valley – This website is more consistently present in San Jose than the team it covers. It is the source for San Jose news. Although history has shown no one cares for soccer in San Jose, perhaps the third times a charm.

Toronto FC


  • Toronto FC Blog – Great looking site, I have honestly not read much of it.



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  2. You are seriously obsessed…although your Reepicheep shout out is appreciated.

  3. is the Gal’s official blog, run by their front office

  4. Your link for San Jose’s site does not work…can you retype it?

  5. This is a great guide, I’m not sure anyone else has ever done something like this. This site is shaping up to be the best in the league.

  6. While these are all MLS related pages….
    Some of these are blogs, some aren’t.

    Some more found on here:

  7. […] MLS Blog Guide 1.5 […]

  8. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  9. MLS Rumors cover rumors and other MLS related things that fly low to the ground under the radar.

    With MLS Undergound changing direction to a focus on Supporter’s Groups, we have stepped in to fill the void.

  10. This site is extremely well managed. Good job.

  11. Add the new official red bulls blog to the list… Red Bulls Reader

  12. If yuo want to start a category for Seattle Sounders FC, could you please add to your list

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