Cheering on Conrad (Updated)









UPDATE 2: Conrad captained the MLS All-Stars to a 3-2 victory, playing a full 90.  As is all too often the case for defenders, his two most notable moments were negative ones: his header deflection on West Ham’s second goal and a caution for a reckless foul in the 82nd minute.  

UPDATE: Listen to The Jimmy Conrad Show live from Toronto last night.

Wizards’ captain Jimmy Conrad is Kansas City’s lone representative in tonight’s MLS All-Star Game.  This is the groin’s (or is he going by the ant now?) fifth consecutive All-Star appearance*, and if the previous four were any indication, he will be in the starting lineup against West Ham tonight in Toronto (to the displeasure of this Toronto Star columnist):

  • 2007: full 90 against Celtic (top left).
  • 2006: first half against Chelsea (top right).
  • 2005: full 90 against Fulham.
  • 2004: full 90 against the East.
And as usual, even amongst the league’s other celebrities, Jimmy has been mister media man.  Check out some of the articles he’s been quoted in this week:
  • KC Star: All star player, all star daddy
  • Globe and Mail: Toronto fans talking about his mom, scoring off a Beckham cross, and he’s a fan of the trademark TFC streamers.
  • MLSnet: Steve Davis is looking forward to Jimmy v. Craig Bellamy
  • MLSnet: Training together as a team for the first time
And then there’s this Slam Sports article who quotes KC Wizard Jimmy Cooper.  Guess fans aren’t the only ones confusing him for a striker.

*Conrad was also selected to the MLS Select XI that played Real Madrid in 2005.  He played the full 90 in that match as well.


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    Glad to see you’re back in full swing. Looks like the site hits have gone through the roof since you’ve been letting us know about updates on Bigsoccer. I know I’ve been back more bc of it.

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