Conrad Chat

For those of you who missed the chat today – it only lasted about 20 minutes — here is the  transcript of Jimmy’s Q&A.  He touches on a bit of everything, music to food, cards to video games, even which superhero he would be.  Rest assured, there’s some soccer stuff in there too ahead of his All Star appearance.  Enjoy.


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  2. Oz, thanks for doing that. As a non-ESPN subscriber, I was unable to read the entire chat. However, I did submit a question the day before, but don’t know if it was successfully received by them or not.

    I basically asked if the “media in general” seemed to shun Christian athletes for interviews. Since that question was not used, should I consider the answer to be “yes”? 😎

    Perhaps that could be one of your ground breaking journalistic exposes. Dig deep. Ask the tough questions.

  3. I say no. It seems to me they avoid any athlete of any religion looking to use the sports media to proselytize. I’m guessing Christian magazines are filled with interviews with Christian athletes.

    Maybe sports media think their readers want to hear about sports, not religion.

  4. Interesting point you raise, Wade. I was a sociology major at Mizzou and one of my favorite courses was Sociology of Sport. One of the main points of discussion was the intersection of sports and religion and I was fascinated by some of the material on the matter.

    I’m sure you’ve seen last week’s buzz story about NE’s Chase Hilgenbrinck retiring to pursue a career in the ministry. It was interesting to me to see the story get picked up and publicized by many of the non-soccer sites I read.

    And there are Christian athletes interviewed, after all. A Wizards Junior in fact. 🙂

  5. If an athlete praises a coach or trainer in the media for helping develop their skill base… Anonymous’ contention would lead one to believe said athlete was also “proselytizing” (seeking to convert someone else).

    Their is a real difference between praising one’s God in an interview, and using the media as a pulpit to advance one’s theology.

    Some people who find this question more important than I, indeed claim several media outlets choose to shun athletes who have been documented making reference to Jesus during a live interview. Of course, this could merely be filed as a “conspiracy theory”, but I’d kinda like to know. If their allegations hold any truth at all, I would consider such media decisions to be of the butt covering variety. Weak and gutless.

    Mizzouligan82… I’m sure there are indeed Christian athletes who are interviewed. But, are they interviewed “because” they are Christians, or are they athletes who just happen to be Christians? Would they have been interviewed if they had previously praised Jesus on “live” camera/mic? And, are they being interviewed “live” or through an editable electronic format?

    More and more curious.

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