Kevin Souter (UPDATED)

UPDATED: The team blog has confirmed the signing.  Kevin Souter will take Yomby William’s roster spot.  

A brief update on prospective player Kevin Souter.  The Graceland product does not appear on the team roster on the Wizards website, but today in an interview with the newest signing, Nelson Pizarro, Wizards PR man Dave Borchardt comments: “Nelson, an open tryout guy, we’ve got two of them now on the roster with you and Kevin…”  Also, several contacts at Graceland have indicated that the word is spreading that he signed a contract.  

Kevin was not listed for the last reserves game in Toronto on Saturday, but has been pictured at practice throughout the season.  Emails sent on Thursday to Kevin and Wizards press officer Kyle Rogers were not responded to.  

In related news, Kevin’s coach at Graceland, Ivan Joseph, resigned last week after 11 seasons to become an athletic director at Ryerson University in Toronto.  Joseph was named NAIA National Coach of the Year in 2006 after winning the Yellow Jackets their first national championship.


6 Responses

  1. ha you beat down the byline! yay

  2. Let’s hope he’s not hanging his hat on that ben, cause that’d be sad if he was. So someone broke a story before someone else did, who cares as long as you get the news.

    Personally the lack of updates on this site recently have led me to appreciate down the byline even more, because he puts out an update every day or every other day. I’m willing to let it slide if down the byline doesn’t break a story or two, I mean he broke the Pizarro story before anyone else did.

  3. EDITED: sounds like anonymous is the down the byline creator.

  4. Great news for both of those guys, I know that there will be a lot of Graceland fans looking forward to see him suiting up. Interesting news about the Graceland coach, no more coaching? Lets hope the team continues to produce great talent.

  5. Seriously does it matter if one blog got it first or not? And for the record, I’m sure Mike would not have posted anonymously to bag on OzCity.

  6. Chris, I couldn’t agree more. How one gets the impression that Mike and I are in some sort of cut throat competition is beyond me — he’s been doing his blog way longer and more consistently than I have. And lest we all forget, this is something I do for my personal enjoyment and as a service to fans of the team. I have nothing to gain by beating someone else with a story or even doing this better than anyone else.

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