Thursday Tidbits, Take Two

A few more news and notes… 

In a Soccer America article evaluating MLS’ international imports published Tuesday, one gets the impression Houston head coach Dominic Kinnear isn’t impressed by El Piojo.  He says, “No offense, but Claudio Lopez ain’t exactly lighting it up.”  Which led to today’s article clarifying the comments, explaining that Kinnear feels it takes some time for foreign acquisitions to get comfortable and make an impact.  Not quite bulletin board material and I’d imagine it will be long forgotten by the time the two teams meet again in September. 

US U-23 coach and former Fire captain Peter Nowak was a noteworthy observer at Sunday’s match in Chicago.  With the Olympics set to start in August, the Wizards’ Chance Myers is listed in the 2008 player pool and participated in camps prior to qualifying.  His goalline clearance in the 54th minute proved to be a pivotal moment in the shutout, and he also put himself in position for a good scoring chance in the 65th minute only to see his header go over the bar.  Fellow Olympic prospect Chad Barrett didn’t fare so well, missing an absolute sitter in the 40th minute.  KC coach Curt Onalfo touches on the possibility of losing players to the Olympics and/or World Cup qualifying in this interview earlier this week

Lastly, while on the topic of Chicago, a tremendously touching story today by former Fire President and GM Peter Wilt.  Mr. Wilt was a fan favorite in many of the same ways that OnGoal and Robb Heineman have become in Kansas City before he was replaced by the recently ousted John Guppy.  Wilt’s recap of Sunday’s game also gives us some interesting, albeit trivial information on the Wizards 2000 MLS Cup victory over his Fire.   

One interesting difference. Despite long and loud protests by Fire leadership (me), MLS refused to let us wear our red uniforms in the championship game. MLS broadcasting executive Michael Cohen would not permit the red uniforms, because the contrast between the red and blue was not enough on the camera operators’ black and white monitors and it would cause them confusion when receiving direction in their headsets.  At least Sunday, fans were able to watch two colorful sets of uniforms on the same field.


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