Thursday Tidbits

Kevin Hartman gets quote-of-the-week honors for this gem in responding to the bottle of beer thrown at him during Sunday’s win:

I’m not really sure what the security set up that they have is but I was actually going to have a sip if it was in the 89th or 90th; but since it was around the 85th, I decided to hold off and just throw it in goal.

While he makes light of a serious situation, Chicago’s supporters group, Section 8, has made it clear they do not condone the fan’s actions.

This is our home and our field.  It’s very important, indeed essential, that we treat it with respect.  There will alawys be someone that screws up, but more of us must take action to ensure everybody understands such behavior is not accepted in our stadium.

MLSnet Extra Time’s Greg Lalas praises Kansas City’s designated player acquisition (4:35 mark of video). 

A guy who’s impressed me: Claudio Lopez.  The louse has a goal and he set up the winner for KC against Chicago on Sunday.  Mostly though, I love his work ethic.  He’s not here to retire which is so nice to see.  And KC’s Kerry Zavagnin told me how amazed he is at Lopez’s ability to bring other players into the game.   

Finally, a couple items from last week worth mentioning.  First, a sneak peak at the Wizards new advertising campaign.  Plans include 30-second television spots, two anthems, and viral videos throughout the season — sounds promising.  Secondly, a comment from Topeka Capital-Journal columnist Rick Dean

Q: Is there going to be much coverage on the KC Brigade this year?
A: The Brigade, like the KC Wizards, present an interesting dilemma for the Cap-Journal.  I’ve written about the Brigade several times in past years…But those stories were always met with indifference – by CJ editors and readers alike.  I stand ready to do more Brigade stories, but honestly there ain’t a lot of demand there. 

For what it’s worth, the Brigade are averaging 13,337 in their first five home games this season (just above their all-time average of 13,329).  Lest we forget, both are niche sports according to the Kansas City Star.


3 Responses

  1. Hi, I know you have kept up with the Kevin Souter story- I believe he was signed today. We are waiting for it to be officially within the Wiz and then the KC Star and the Des Moines Registrar want to do a story about him.

    Can you find out more details please

  2. Sent a few emails, I’ll let you know what I hear. He is definitely still with the team, pictured here at practice today:

  3. Awesome, I know everyone at school and our alums in KC are really interested.
    Graceland has not posted anything on their page yet because they are waiting for KC to make it official

    Thanks a bunch and thanks for the pics

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