Fan Made Pictures

Fan made signs which should make a showing at tonights game. All we know is that Joe’s wife made these.


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  1. Hey guys,

    My wife was the one in question who made these — a graphic designer at Cerner, which consequently is owned by a few of the same owners as the Wizards.

    Sorry I didn’t get them out at the game more in a larger scale. I was wearing the dragon design on my t-shirt, but was bundled up due to adverse weather conditions. If you like the sexy Dorothy or the dragon design, let me know and I can get you a vector version of it that can be blown up to any size. We’d love to see more homemade t-shirts like this, since it’s hard enough to get Wizards t-shirts anywhere in town.

    -Joe G

  2. P.S.: If any of you out there are Latin majors, I think I have it right with “Victoria in Campus” meaning “Victory on the Field”. I don’t know of they had a word for “the”. Let me know if I’m butchering it.

  3. I’ve never been a big fan of playing up the D&D side of the Wizards but the 2nd one is great.

    I was a little confused if it was supposed to be Victoria Beckham at first, so maybe a little tweaking of the latin would help, but it looks great!

  4. Hi Joe,

    Before the law school dementors at Washburn sucked out my soul, my undergrad degree was in Latin. You’ve got it part right. Latin has no definite or indefinite article. “A”, “And” and “The” are simply assumed wherever necessary.

    Victoria is your subject, its a feminine noun and is in the proper case (nominative). Campus is a masculine noun, but isn’t the subject, so the -us ending is not correct. “in” in latin is a preposition that takes the ablative case, so the word would be ‘campo’ for a final construction of “victoria in campo”

    If you want to take Szazzy’s advice above, you could substitute “triumphus in campo” which means essentially the same thing.

  5. Erm. Not “and”, but “an” is assumed. and is “et” (or a host of other less common words used to mean the same thing.

  6. Thanks for the input, guys. I think Victoria did sound like it was the gal’s name, so I will be changing it to “Triumphus”, which sounds pretty badass as well.

    The first pic wasn’t playing on the dungeon nerd theme, but rather a British-style heraldic coat of arms, because much of what looks cool in soccer is olde-world (when referring to olden-days you must spell it “olde”) traditions that we basically have to invent artificially here in America; having only a 200 year old country and 10 year old league; as well as 0 years of the mainstream giving a crap.

    Oh well, in 100 years, if the MLS is still kicking, no one will care by then — and maybe one of the fan-made coats of arms floating around cyberspace will be fully embraced by the hard-cores. Therefore, I submit to you my (wife’s) contribution.

    Cheers on the comments — (see, whenever I talk soccer I even speak like a Anglo-poser), and I hope to have updated graphics uploaded soon.

    -Joe G

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