Top of the Table

Wizards 3, Rapids 2.  Wizards’ captain Jimmy Conrad joked on his radio show last month that Kansas City would win the MLS Cup if he scored 20 goals this season.  After Saturday’s brace, he’s off to a good start…and in good company atop the Budweiser Golden Boot standings.  

A few lingering thoughts on the victory:

  • The Carlos Marinelli to Jimmy Conrad connection looks to be in full force on set pieces.  The two hooked up for the lone goal in the Saturn Cup against Real Salt Lake, and then twice on Saturday.
  • Two games in, the Wizards are showing a knack for shooting proficiency.  The team’s 5 goals have come from just 8 shots on goal.
  • The Wizards are off to a 2-0 start for the third time in franchise history (only the second if you exclude a shootout victory in 1997).  Both times the Wizards went on to finish first in their conference and the last time, 2000, KC was crowned MLS Cup champions.
  • KC Star columnist Mike Hendricks gives the Wizards and CAB a shout out in a very good piece on KC’s identity as a sports town.  This guy has been a starch supporter of the Wizards through the years, especially in the team’s efforts to build a stadium.
  • Saturday’s match was Kevin Hartman’s 275th MLS regular season appearance and Conrad’s 125th regular season start for KC.

Cliff Illig, part of the Wizards Ongoal ownership group, is an honorary co-chair with Royals legend George Brett at Kaufmann for opening day today.  It is part of Greater Kansas City Day to help support the Rotary Youth Club.

Lastly, former Wizard Chris Konopka has gotten a lot of media time yesterday and today — in all of which, he comments on his time in KC and how that compares to his new gig in Ireland., Yanks Abroad, and all with coverage.  Chris will also be on Fox Sports Radio today at 3:15; you can listen to The Locker Room with Kevin Williams online here.



2 Responses

  1. when did Chris Konopka become a U-23 National Team Player? (yanksabroad article)

  2. That raised my eyebrows, too — but like he said, this age group isn’t very deep at the goalkeeper position. According to his wikipedia entry, he was named to the player pool by Peter Nowak in December 2007, but he isn’t listed as such on

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