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The Wizards’ Media Day was a success yesterday, as you’ll see below.  Finishing touches are underway on CAB, right down to the finest details: suites are being renamed after international soccer stars, Wizards-specific concession stand signs are ready to cover those from the T-Bones, MLS advertising boards surround the field, blue nets are on the goals, and the pitch’s surface looks immaculate.  And the concession menu may put traditional tailgating out of business, it’s that good.

As for the team, I’ll leave that analysis to the paid professionals.  Enjoy the widespread Wizards coverage while ya can:

  • FOX 4 once again leads the way in local online television coverage.  Interviews with Jimmy Conrad and Chance Myers, as well as a clip from Curt Onalfo and Peter Vermes’ opening commentsPhotos, too
  • Kansas City Star gives the Argentinean guys some front page love.  Only partly included in the online article is a well put together graphic, “What Wizards Fans Should Expect at CAB.”  It shows parking options in the area and a seating chart for the stadium.
  • Jimmy Conrad steals the spotlight in the national media with an appearance on’s Extra Time, comments on The New York Times’ GOAL blog, and an upcoming QnA with USA Today.  He was also on air last night with the first epsiode of his weekly radio show.
  • On the season preview front, I’ll only highlight the most prominent:’s written by Andrea Canales.  Well, 3rd Degree’s too, but only because Buzz predicts a first place finish and league honors for Curt Onalfo and Jimmy Conrad.  And there’s always an exception for Becks: the Wizards made his official website yesterday, too. 
  • Finally, MetroSports will show their first episode of Wizards Weekly tonight at 9:30.  It is always well worth watching, though I’d bet there may be a few Wizards who will be missing it in favor of March Madness.  Kevin Hartman, Jimmy Conrad, Sasha Victorine, and Chance Myers all have UCLA to root for against Western Kentucky; while Kerry Zavagnin and Michael Harrington’s North Carolina takes on Washington State.  The other two Wizards’ schools represented, Michigan State (Ryan McMahen and Rauwshan McKenzie) and Wisconsin (Aaron Hohlbein) play tomorrow.  How about all 9 guys’ alma maters advancing to the Sweet Sixteen?  Impressive.

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