Tuesday Practice Report

Today was a light day of training at the Wizards’ Swope Park Training Center.  After a 20 minute warmup that incorporated some conditioning, dynamic footwork, and a diagonal passing drill, the guys were separated into 4 teams to play 6v6 for the remainder of the chilly and windy session.  With a field set up sideline-to-sideline on each of half of the pitch, the teams rotated after playing two 5-minute halves versus one another.  Team Green (Lopez, Zavagnin, Hohlbein, Marinelli, Myers, and Hartman) and Team Yellow (Sealy, Jewsbury, Harrington, William, McMahen, and Pardo) seemed to be the stronger sides by my estimation, but the open-field, fast-paced nature of the small-sided scrimmages allowed for a multitude of good goals, saves, and shots off the post for all the teams. 

As for an injury report, Kevin Hartman’s left hamstring/quad was wrapped prior to practice; he looked unhampered by it in between the posts.  Captain Jimmy Conrad did not practice, citing his left hamstring — also heavily wrapped — as the cause.  He jogged several laps around the field during the session, as did rookie Roger Espinoza who is recovering from a broken foot.  Finally, Davy Arnaud participated in the warmup but did not play in the 6v6.  After practice, he took a few half-hearted shots on goal.  Lastly, Lance Watson (broken foot) is quite the juggler on crutches.  Sitting or standing up, the boot on his left leg didn’t keep him from getting in an ample amount of touches.

Also of note, I believe open tryout product Nelson Pizarro was working out with the team today.  He played with the Wizards’ reserves on Saturday in their loss to SMU.  Tomorrow the Wizards will conduct their first practice at CommunityAmerica Ballpark at 10 am, followed by the team’s media day.


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  1. Thanks man.

  2. actually, mizzouligan is a girl.

  3. Just kidding, I’m an idiot.

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