Monday Musings

“We’ve experimented with three in the back (this preseason) and we’ve kind of regressed back to what we were comfortable with before with four,” Hartman said. “I think the fact that we were able to prove to ourselves that we could capably defend with three in the back has really added a bit to our confidence.”

  • This from two weeks ago, but worth revisiting.  The blog Not Just a Hat Rack graded all MLS teams on their financial performance (ticket sales, stadium situation, major corporate support, designated player or coach, and financial intangibles) and ranks the Wizards at the bottom of the bunch.  As far as I can tell, it’s an honest attempt at an informed, objective analysis.  What do you think? 

14. Kansas City (13 points out of a possible 50): They say KC is 100% Chiefs’ country, but with the spendthrift, hopeless Royals as your only other Major League competition, the Wiz/Wizards should have made more inroads in 12 years. They rank dead last in MLS historical per game attendance (not including Miami – financial mismanagement in an entirely otherworldly orbit). They have no jersey sponsor, no shovel in the dirt for a stadium and they’re facing two years of oblivion in a minor league baseball park. On the bright side, new ownership hasn’t been afraid to make big changes: Curt Onalfo might be one of the smartest, most genuine people in the sport; they hired away an MLS stadium veteran from HOK to coordinate their stadium development and the signing of DP Claudio Lopez might make them a contender. Still, the franchise remembered as the home of the ‘Zard Card, Price Chopper promotions and Jetsons’ sound effects exists only because Lamar Hunt had a wallet even bigger than his heart.


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  1. Ongoal just took over. Onalfo/Vermes are are serious competitors. The current stadium situation is better than Arrowhead with the prospect of a new stadium all but finalized. Things are moving in the right direction.

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