Thursday Tidbits

  • Wizards fans watching the CONCACAF Champion’s Cup last night saw a familiar face in the D.C. United – Harbour View match.  Jermain Hue played the full 90 for his Jamaican side, nearly as many minutes as he played while in Kansas City in 2005 and 2006 (106). 
  • Speaking of the CCC, random cool fact of the day: Kansas City is the only MLS team to defeat a Mexican team in a two-leg series, accomplishing the feat in 2002 over Santos Laguna (after losing 2-1 away, the Wizards won 2-0 at home to advance to the semifinals against Morelia, another Mexican side that made easy work of the Wizards courtesy of a 6-1 thrashing in Mexico).
  • For our Spanish speaking readers, two stories of interest today.  The first, as featured on HillcrestRoad, comes from ESPN Deportes and is a podcast with new designated player Claudio Lopez.  The second is another installment of MLSnet’s First Kick video series, this time focusing on Kurt Morsink.   

One Response

  1. I believe the Morelia match was also the match where the CONCACAF officials “weren’t able to make it” so some local Mexican referees reffed the game. Nick Garcia got red carded very early. Smells a little fishy to me.

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