Wizards Wednesday

  • The Wizards win again in Argentina. After stumbling versus 2nd division side Club Atletico Platense yesterday in a 0-0 tie, the boys in blue rebounded with a 3-0 victory over Club Atletico San Lorenzo.  Yes, this is the same San Lorenzo club who won the 2007 Clausara, but – as is the case with all of these preseason friendlies — it was not their senior side who had a hard fought 3-2 win in Copa Libertadores yesterday and play again on Saturday in league action.
  • As reported yesterday, 2007 Supplemental Draft Pick Eric Frimpong was sentenced to six years in state prison.  Interesting discussion in the comments section of the article, including insight from an individual alleging to have been a juror.
  • KCW Juniors head coach Paul Rideout’s name has been getting dropped a lot in the English press recently.  Why?  This goal in the 1995 FA Cup final led Everton to a 1-0 victory over Manchester United.  That was the last time a non-Big Four team won the tourney – a feat to be done again this year as only Barnsley, Cardiff, Portsmouth, and West Brom remain. 
  • Finally, former Wizard captain and fan favorite Diego Gutierrez is recognized by the Chicago Sports Review for his many off-the-field contributions.  Here is the writer’s comment: “It’s easy to get caught up in the 24-hour sports news cycle that’s full of athletes lying and breaking the law. But then you meet someone like the Chicago Fire’s Diego Gutierrez, whose story is enough to restore your faith in not only athletes, but in humanity.”  Well done, Diego.

4 Responses

  1. Diego is class through and through.

  2. Agreed, making it all the more ironic he was traded for Will John who by no means enamored himself to fans (or owners for that matter) on the field or off. Sidenote: we also got a draft pick in the deal, used on Tyson Wahl.

  3. jimmy would love to see diego with the wizards fo in some capacity after he retires from playing.

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