BREAKING: Lopez to Sign Saturday! (…and the Wizards Win)

The KC StarMetroSports, and the Washington Post are all reporting Argentine goal scorer Claudio Lopez will become a designated player for the Wizards, joining them in Buenos Aires this weekend.  Nice.  Also nice is the Wizards winning 5-1 over Deportivo Moron (Argentine 3rd division) today, with new signing Ivan Trujillo leading the way with a brace.  Full details on HillcrestRoad.   The excitement for this season is certainly gaining momentum.  


6 Responses

  1. I’m not sure which is the bigger story so far this year….the stadium deal or signing a DP from Argentina. Both are pretty damn nice for a team in a “little town” in the Midwest! I would think we have to be considered as contenders now. It’ll be interesting to see how media preseason predictions go.

  2. I honestly think this is the biggest signing in MLS this offseason, right on par with DC getting Gallardo. Sure he’s 33 and is in all likelihood coming here to end his career, but the guy has the pedigree and is exactly what we asked for: a proven goal scorer.

  3. Did I read that right…it’s 2 strikers signed in one week? And one of them a DP?

    Hey Tony, how dat crow taste?

    And wait… the team sounds like it is starting to “gell” too? mmmmm…crow sure is tasting goooo-ooood, isnt it?

    Da Funk say never be too rash.

  4. I’ll gladly eat crow if this all works out.

  5. You’re a good sport Tony. I’m with you hoping it works out!

    Cheers to you!

  6. I’ll admit this much already, even if Lopez doesn’t end up helping us (our expectations have to be reasonable- he’s 33 and hasn’t been playing full games for some time now), such a move shows a willingness on the part of the Wizards to win now, rather than stay in a holding pattern till the new stadium is done.

    One of my concerns was about a “holding pattern” mindsest. In light of this move by the Wizards, I believe I was wrong….which actually makes me very happy.

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