This and That Thursday

Time for Oz City to catch up on this week’s Wizards news.  Where were we?

  • Two games, two wins.  The Wizards improve to 3-2-2 in preseason competition, with 9 goals scored and 10 goals allowed.  Up next is Argentine perennial power River Plate tomorrow.
  • Who is new trialist Paulo Troyano?  Well, he played for Atletico Policial in 05-06 (Argentina, 4th division), CD Heredia (Guatemala, 1st division) in the first half of 07 and Once Municipal (El Salvador, 1st division) in the latter half of last year.  He is an Argentine striker and 25 years old (birthdate: 4/9/82).  Even found a few pics (123, and 4) as well as this video (scores at 1:40 mark).  
  • Season tickets sales up.  The Wizards deserve kudos for the largest leap in total season tickets sold from Feb. 17th last year (464) to Feb. 17th of this year (1,539), according to the Street and Smith’s Sports Business Journal — a whopping 232% increase.  By comparison, the next largest growth over that time period was back-to-back champions Houston at 87%.  Despite the dramatic change, Kansas City still sits in 13th out of the MLS’ 14 teams in total season tickets sold and would have to nearly double the Feb. 17th figure to catch the next closest team, Chicago (2,759).  
  • Road supporters.  Speaking of ticket sales, CommunityAmerica will have a few extra visitors for the Wizards first two home games this season.  March 29th, DC United’s Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles supporters groups have sold out the party deck.  The following Saturday, Colorado Rapids fans are bringing a busload and will be filling up the Corner Kick Suite.  Both locations are on the opposite end of the field from Kansas City’s supporters section, the Cauldron.  Also of note, kudos go to the Wings of a Sparrow tailgate who provide free food for visiting supporters.
  • So long, Ryan Raybould.  Waived by the team this week, the left back becomes the 2nd Rockhurst H.S. alum casualty this offseason (Will John being the first) and the 4th Yale alum to come through KC (draft picks Jay Albert in 04 and Brian Lavin in ’02, and former defender turned current Senior Account Manager Brian Roberts).  Ryan was an undrafted developmental player and was left exposed in both the 2006 and 2007 expansion drafts.  He was not picked up in Tuesday’s waiver draft.  Coincidentally, Ryan’s younger brother Jordan — currently playing for Yale and the KC Brass — was also in the news this week, though for his cheering abilities rather than his playing.  
  • Lest I forget Claudio Lopez.  No news as of now, but here’s an El Piojo highlight video for those questioning his quality.
  • Coming Friday: River Plate match roundup, loaded ex-Wizards abroad update, and one more noteworthy follow-up.

3 Responses

  1. Kudos on finding some info on the trialist. That Lopez video has me salivating……SIGN THIS GUY!!!!

  2. Haven’t seen a left foot like that since Preki 🙂

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