Hohlbein QnA


A special Champions League QnA with Wizards’ right back Aaron Hohlbein (inspired by seeing this college profile of him, in which he lists AC Milan and Arsenal as his two favorite clubs). 

  • Are Arsenal and AC Milan still your favorite soccer clubs?
    Both AC Milan and Arsenal are still my favorite teams, of course besides the Wizards.
  • How did you become fans of those two teams?
    I became a fan of Arsenal when I was younger watching them in the Champions League. Back when Dennis Bergkamp and Henry were up top together. I became an AC Milan fan after the 90 World Cup when I started to follow Paulo Maldini.
  • Who are you rooting for in their Champions League matchup?  And who do you think will advance?
    I have to say that I am pulling more for Arsenal. The style that they are playing this year and their youth are exciting to watch. Hopefully they’ll move on but I’d be happy to see either team through to the finals.
  • With the CONCACAF Champions League announced last month and set to start this August, 4 teams from MLS will be included in the 24 team tournament.  Is qualification for this, and other major club tournaments like SuperLiga, an immediate goal for the Wizards organization?  How much attention and priority is given to them?
    The upcoming CONCACAF Champions League as well as Superliga are very exciting developments for soccer in the United States. I think that competitions such as these will bring a whole new level to competition within the league as well as within the region. Our main goal with the Wizards is to finish the season with enough points to have home field advantage for the playoffs and, in turn, that would put us in position to be a part of those competitions. Our main focus is on the upcoming MLS season but I think everybody on the team would love to take part in those tournaments.

Thanks, Aaron.  Who will you be rooting for in today’s marquee matchup: defending champs AC Milan or EPL-leading Arsenal?  After a scoreless first leg, the two teams meet in Italy with a spot in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals at stake — live at 1:30 on ESPN2.


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