Claudio Lopez Update

The Washington Post’s Steve Goff is reporting on Soccer Insider that the Wizards and Claudio Lopez are close to a done deal.  

Two weeks after the Insider broke the story, the Argentine media is finally catching up to Kansas City’s pursuit of former Albiceleste star Claudio Lopez.  The sides have been ironing out the final details the past week and, barring a last-minute problem, an announcement is expected in the coming days.  

The Argentine article linked in Goff’s post is loosely translated from Spanish below:

Claudio López dissociated itself in order to year of Racing Club and its future was in the soccer of the United States. The Major League Soccer would be the responsible for acquiring its pair and to place it in some of the franchises, but that delayed and the Louse still is in Argentina training in turn. Nevertheless and it could know Cielosports, today the Kansas City Wizards arrived to carry out a tour of the country and the forward one would go with them. In the staff they are the former Estudiantes Eloy Colombano and the former Boca, Carlos Marinelli. In fact, today anticipates to be presented in the hotel in which they are lodged in Federal Capital and to be added thus to a pre-season that includes friendly before Boca, River, Vélez and Defensa y Justicia. Clearly that prior to travel to the north of the continent, should finish to deal with its visa of work.


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  2. im really hoping we get this done.

  3. ditto

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