Claudio Lopez: “Going to be signed”

On this most recent edition of MLS Extra Time, host Greg Lalas says the Argentine is “going to be signed by Kansas City.”  Lalas runs and also writes for, so he would certainly be privy to such information and should understand the journalistic weight of his words.  Lalas and co-host Shep Messing discuss Claudio and the overall value of designated players as the first topic in the show (0:30 mark): On a similar note, Soccer America reminds us that Monday is the MLS deadline for teams to be compliant with the salary cap, as well as with their 18-player and 28-player rosters, and what that means in KC’s pursuit of Claudio.  Full excerpt below:  

  • Teams must be compliant by Monday, meaning deals for strikers such as Claudio Lopez, negotiating with Kansas City, Reinaldo Navia (FC Dallas), and the other Reinaldo (Colorado), would ideally be completed in time to make adjustments to salaries and rosters.  
  • Teams can bargain for additional time to reach compliance, but by Monday’s deadline they must have informed MLS as to how they plan to get their numbers in order. 
  • In the case of the Argentine veteran Lopez, sources are estimating his probable salary as between $750,000 and $1.2 million. That’s quite a spread and at the lower end is a figure Kansas City might be able to manage without using the Designated Player option, since it has a lot of allocation money in hand as its share of the Eddie Johnson transfer. 
  • But Coach Curt Onalfo has been given the green light to use the DP option if he so wishes and thus, money may not be the determining factor. 
  • Still, since a DP counts $400,000 against the cap, it would be nice to know ASAP if that huge chunk is in the mix. Yet it’s not that much more than Johnson’s max-cap hit of last year ($325,000), and the Wizards have already unloaded the six-figure salaries of Nick Garcia ($131,250) and Jose Burciaga($100,000), so KC appears to be in good stead.”

3 Responses

  1. It’s good that Shep is neutral in his comments (for the most part) on ET, because he surely is NOT on NYRB broadcasts. He is a true NY homer if there ever was one, and he has a serious Angel man-crush. His comments about KC were very positive….nice to hear once in a while, since he has trashed us in the past.

  2. […] which took 2-3 months, signing Lopez would be much more difficult.“  However, if you saw Oz City today then according to Greg Lalas and Shep Messing, Lopez is all but on the team.  In that same Oz […]

  3. This is exciting news for sure. I hope we get him for under $1 million as that’s what I believe Blanco is getting in Chicago and I don’t think Lopez is quite Blanco. Good stuff though. Looking more forward to the season now.

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