Radio Deal Announced

Just received the following press release:

(February 27, 2008) – The Kansas City Wizards and Reyes Media Group have reached an agreement to broadcast each Kansas City Wizards match of 2008 live on the radio in both English and Spanish. La Playa 1480 AM will be the English-language radio home of the Wizards and La Gran D 1340 the Spanish-language radio home. For the first time in team history, every Kansas City Wizards match will be broadcast live on the radio in English and Spanish.

“Having every match broadcast on the radio in both English and Spanish is a monumental step for our organization,” Wizards Executive Vice President Greg Cotton said. “Last year, we partnered with Reyes Media Group and Time Warner Cable’s Metro Sports to broadcast Wizards matches live in Spanish.  Today we are excited to extend that partnership to feature all of our games on the radio in two languages.”

“We are extremely excited about extending our partnership with the Kansas City Wizards by enhancing our coverage of their games in both Spanish and English,” Vice President of Reyes Media Group Ed Reyes said. “By extending our coverage not only to the Kansas City area but to the region, we can bring Wizards action to everyone in the Midwest in both languages.”

Audio from live television broadcasts on Metro Sports and Time Warner Cable channel 5 will be simulcast by La Gran D and La Playa. Games not shown on Metro and/or TWC 5, including U.S. Open Cup matches and major friendlies, will still be broadcast via radio. The Reyes stations will serve as flagship stations for a Wizards radio network throughout the region.


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