Soccer Saturday

We’ll just go in chronological order here, for simplicity’s sake.

I made it out to listen to Robb speak this morning at the Hilton in Independence, and it was a first class presentation on all things Wizards and Kansas City soccer.  Nothing incredibly newsworthy to report, but this guy can sell the sport.  His vision for the Wizards and The Trails project is incredibly well articulated and pretty darn exciting to listen to.  If only there had been more than a small handful of people in the audience to hear OnGoal’s mission and philosophy.  And no, I’m not saying all this because Robb was gracious enough to comment on the tryouts page with some very kind words.  Rather, it only reaffirms the respect I have for his many contributions to the team and the community.

I also took in tryouts for the mid part of the day, walking in to the KC SportsLodge just in time to see Eddie make his debut for Fulham.  EJ replaced fellow American Clint Dempsey in the 76th minute of their 1-0 loss to West Ham.  As for the tryouts, it was well worth the trip.  Lots of quality soccer players on hand and a good turnout of their friends, family, and coaches to support them.  The most notable news was the arrival of several players in  Atlas training gear.  Could this be part of the Wizards partnership with the Guadalajara, Mexico team???  I’ll try to find out more information when I head back there tomorrow to check out the players that get invited back (as soon as I see the player list I’ll post it on here this evening).  Should have some video of tomorrow’s tryouts as well.


3 Responses

  1. The Atlas guys were not. They were from Atlas USA

  2. Why was Robb speaking at the Hilton? A conference?

  3. According to one of his previous posts, it looks like it was some sort of conference.

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