Drum Roll Please…(UPDATED)


Here are the 60 players invited back for day 2 of open tryouts:

Gerardo Acosta Guzman
Vlad Baicu
Carlos Molina
Florian Oberrisser
Aderson Dias Martins Neto
Dorian Caballero
Ousmane Camara
Brendan Hanaphy
Daniel Jiregna
Arman Osooli
Samir Nuhanovic
Cody Reinberg
Carlos Loera
Daniel Bustos
Arturo Rodriguez
James Katajwa
Jason Pelletier
Jullian Ramirez
Armando Ruiz
Derek Appiah
Ebo Stephens
Rodolfo Lucas
Victor Valle
Jose Vargas
Ricardo Martinez
Gabriel Yankey Jr.
Paulo Walters
Joshua Wrolstad
Hakop Avesyan
Chris Duncan
Nelson Pizarro
Lee Pricer
Matthew Hoff
Jose Galant
Seth Hildebrant
Bradley Walsh
Abbas Said Sheikh Mohamed
Ousmane Sampil
Jason Belisle
Jose Esparza
Kalev Saarna
Brian Velasquez
Tarek Khalidi
Travis Ogogor
Youssouf Kante
Nnache Amah
Drame Elisabeth
John Marcus Rivera
Adam Al-Habashi
Donald Hickey
Andrew Kurtz
Chris Reusch
Matt Stufflebeam
Veljko Misic
Alan Solis
Mataho Huma
Jorge Flores
Kevin Souter
Wayne Francis
David Blaise

Good luck, gentlemen.  I’ll be out there tomorrow, hopefully filming some of the action and interviewing individuals of interest.  If there’s a player you’d like to see or hear more about, please comment below and I will do my best to oblige with footage.

UPDATE: Added profiles for a few of these guys.  Check out Kevin Souter (Graceland), Jason Belisle (Baker), Matthew Hoff (Harvard), Youssouf Kante (Abroad), and Veljko Misic (Juggling Artist) for more info. 


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