Tryout Time

I have to admit: I’ve always been a sucker for open tryouts, in any sport. It’s the ultimate underdog story, the prospect of the unknown and the unwanted getting a shot at their dream. You want to see all the best cliches of a sport? Intensity, passion, perseverance, resilience, adversity, and heartbreak — go to an open tryout, it’s all there in its purest, magnified by these players putting it all on the line. Never mind that the likelihood of any of the registrants earning a professional contract is the equivalent of a Hail Mary; they know that as well as you and I, and yet they have the two things that matter most, hope and an infallible belief in themselves.

And after all, it’s been done before. In fact, one of my all-time favorites, Brian Loftin, started his illustrious indoor career at an open tryout with the Kansas City Comets. 299 goals, 104 assists, and 4 championship titles later, Loftin is now the GM of the Chicago Storm. Or ask Jay Demerit, who took any tryout he could get after going undrafted by the MLS, and is now captain of English-side Watford.

So, some may say I’m crazy for getting this excited over what is essentially a glorified moneymaker for MLS teams, but hey, it’s preseason. Today and tomorrow I will be taking a look at some of the names that we’ll see in action at the SportsLodge come Saturday and posting brief profiles under the 2008 Open Tryouts Page. As always, there’s an interesting variety of talent and experience levels. And, of course, more than a few local products, too. Best of luck to them all, I’ll be rooting for them.


8 Responses

  1. where’d you get the list of players from? I don’t see it anywhere.

  2. THank you, interesting. I recognize a few names. Matt Jordan jumps out.

  3. Good find, I hadn’t seen that yet. I look forward to reading the write up on some of the guys you find. Jordan is easily the biggest name.

  4. I’ve created a new page, 2008 Open Tryouts, that I will link all the short profiles too. Check there throughout today and tomorrow for updates as I post them.

  5. coughgetalifecough

  6. My man Seth Hildebrant will be there too. Guarantee he’ll be one of the hardest working kids there. Good luck to everyone at the tryout. Thanks OzCity for the fun insight and info.

  7. just as an FYI Matt Jahn is a local high school product, he attended Park Hill South in Riverside

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