BREAKING: Another Argentine?


Could Kansas City be closing in on a designated player?  The always in-the-know Steven Goff is reporting that he hears the Wizards are in negotiations with Claudio Lopez.

We told you a couple months ago about the Lopez-to-MLS rumblings, and now there might be something to it. He’s 33, he’s played more than 50 times for Argentina, he’s played in the Olympics and two World Cups and he’s been with clubs at home, in Spain, Italy and Mexico.

Strong words of caution: I am awaiting more specific information…Stay tuned.

Lopez was sought after by Dallas and DC this offseason after saying he was 90% sure he would move to MLS in 2008.


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  1. OK, now we’re talking.

  2. […] Goff reported it.  And it’s been reported also our frinds at Oz City and Down The […]

  3. […] Goff reported it.  And it’s been reported also our frinds at Oz City and Down The […]

  4. I love the fact that DC fans wanted this guy….they can’t take all the good players!

  5. And Steve has updated saying “there is definitely something” to the rumors….

  6. How ironic that Tony makes the first comment on this news flash…the guy who won’t buy season tickets because of a pre-season loss and the team wont consult him on player transactions.

    OK, admit it dude. If this Lopez deal goes thru you gotta stand up and show your walnuts. Buy tickets and admit to everyone your are a rash fool or stop making us wade through your drivel for a full month.


    Gloria’s husband,
    Da Funk (kc’s newest futbol fanatico)

  7. My goal in writing the article I wrote was to shed light on a clear problem many others saw. It was written with full hope that I would be proven wrong, something I stated several times in several ways.

    The response to my article from Hillcrest was gracious, but not reassuring insofar as their apparent plan to keep the current roster. Simply read Hillcrest’s response to my article and you will see they had no real plans to sign a DP, something I insisted should happen to address two holes.

    For them to go after Lopez at this time marks a welcomed change in philosophy that I am man enough to be the first to applaud, running the risk of people like KCboy jumping all over me because he didn’t read what I wrote carefully and with reasonable understanding.

    At any rate, a Lopez signing would be a very powerful statement that the team recognizes its hole at striker and wants to improve NOW, not wait. Clearly a Lopez signing is for NOW as he is 33 and will not likely be the same threat when we get in to the new stadium.

    But give me some credit on this, the response to my article was not at all geared toward getting a DP like Lopez. Now, it appears that has changed.

    I am a Wizards fan and am pumped by this move on the part of the team. I still think there is a hole and midfield, but a guy like Lopez could help put us in contention again. Either way, as I said, I’ll be at plenty of games this year and will support the Wizards whole-heartedly…which means speaking of my concerns by the way…that’s what real support is.

    Man, I just spent way too much time answering a “rash fool” like KCboy.

  8. This is a good move by the Wizards. We just finished previewing the Wizards season
    Kansas City Wizards 2008 Season Preview
    and we noted that the one weakness on the team was the lack of a good goalscorer. Maybe Lopez can fill that need

  9. Sorry Tony – You actually think the FO went out and started talking to Lopez because you wrote a hissy fit blog post? And this move marks a change in philosophy? Really? From what, not trying to imporve to all of a sudden trying to improve? Earth to Tony… deals like this are months in the making. You think because of hillcrest’s response they were not already working on it until you helped them see the error of their ways?…and their response was not reassuring? Dude, you can’t be serious. Do you really believe the FO would use this blog or any blog to hint, leak or break a story that big…before it’s done? hahahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!! hahahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!

    Sorry, you want reasonable understanding….dude, you used losing the first preseason game as one of the justifications for not buying season tickets!!! OK maybe you didnt mean it that way but that’s what you said. So reasonable understanding was lost when you typed your first word.

    But to be fair, you have a valid point about the marketing wreck that is 11 saturday nights. You are right, how incompetent that as a tennant they didn’t just make the t-Bones move their games to fit around the MLS schedule. Wow, I never thought of that.

    Question for you…does being a real fan justify being an irrational whiner with on overinflated sense of self importance…just curious.

    your disagreeing friend,
    Da Funk

    PS – in in your reply could you tell us more about the hole you have identified in the midfield…cause that seems like that’s one place where we have the most options.

  10. Kcboy, my feelings are hurt.

  11. KC,

    Chill out dude. You’re a jerk. I don’t agree with everything Tony has said, but he’s not whining.

    Lopez will help, but we’re not quite there yet.

  12. Sorry O Thin-Skinned Friends…

    …but I stand by my criticism. You can call me a jerk, fine, but you can’t argue my points. Yes I was harsh on Tony…he had the opportunity to pen a meaningful blog and wasted it on a whining irrational post that basically suggested that he knows more than the entire FO on how to run a team. Based on what qualifications I’d like to ask?

    Now don’t get me wrong, the FO messes up all the time (see Dora and free tickets for la Porra) but come on, Tony has no clue about what he is writing and I called him to the mat on it. Sorry if you can’t handle the truth FIFA Fan.

    Take a look at Tony’s opening few lines:

    “I was waiting for three events before buying my Wizards season tickets- The draft, the game schedule, and their first pre-season game. I have been disappointed on all three fronts and will not be purchasing season tickets this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll get to a bunch of games and do my best to support my team, but the actions of management over these last few months have been terribly disappointing….”

    That’s not whining?

    This can be a really great blog if people post thoughtful essays. So yes I am challenging people to think critically instead of like a juvenile…Unless of course you are actually under 18 and are indeed still a juvenile, in which case forgive me for my harshness.

    Love to you to both, but come on let’s try to be a little more intelligent in what we post,
    Da Funk

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