Split-Squad Scrimmages

Kansas City loses to Toronto 2-0 on two Maurice Edu strikes and ties Chicago 1-1 courtesy of Ryan Pore in separate split-squad games this morning in Bradenton.  Line-ups available on HillcrestRoad.  The Wizards finish pre-season scrimmages 0-2-2 versus MLS competition, with two goals scored.


3 Responses

  1. Tony was right on, we really really suck. No goals from play with our first team against other teams that have not yet gelled, that is pathetic. We are pathetic.

  2. Hey now, I never said we suck.

  3. Earth to JD – chill dude, this is preseason, where results are secondary. And hey bro, why do you give other teams the benefit of the doubt knowing they have not “gelled” but expect that we have??

    Quick gentle reminder: There is no ring for an undefeated preseason. Hey remember a few years back when the Chiefs went undefeated in preseason and all of KC sports talk radio all but handed them the Vince Lombardi Trophy…except they still had 16 regualr season games to play and they did nothing when it counted? Or anytime in the past 20 years when the Royals had a good spring training…and then sucked, again, when it counted? Well same concept here. Preseason results are nothing to get worked up over…Its all about player evaluation, develping fitness, cohesiveness and as you say…”gelling”.

    So please untwist your panties and quit your bitchin’ until athe games count…

    Oh and Tony is wrong on all accounts…:-)

    Da Mayor

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