Man of the Match

Toronto FC’s Maurice Edu, fresh off scoring two goals in this morning’s preseason scrimmage against the Wizards, took the time to answer a few questions for Oz City.  A big tip of the hat to the Maryland alum and Men’s National Teamer. 

What was your opinion of the KC squad?

I thought KC had a good side today.  They’re playing a different formation than last year and perfecting a new formation takes a little time as players have to really learn and understand their new roles.  That being said, they still put out a quality side that competed well today.

How important are preseason results such as this one?

I think preseason is important not so much for the results but for the team to grow and develop.  Obviously, every game you play in you want to win and in
preseason thats more of an added bonus.  I think the most important part of preseason is to get the team fit and tactically prepared for the season ahead.

As a number one draft pick and rookie of the year yourself, what advice would you give Chance in his rookie season?

I’d tell chance to stay humble and learn as much as he can from both his coaches and teammates.  Also, to not get caught up in the number 1 pick hype and pressure that comes along with it, but rather to focus on playing his game and getting better everyday.  I know Chance and he has a good head on his shoulders and is very focused so I know that won’t be a problem. I’d also tell him to enjoy every moment of this experience and have fun.

 Thanks again, Maurice.


4 Responses

  1. Good coments.

  2. Very nice! Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the exclusive. You’re getting big time.

  4. Thanks OzCity, good stuff. I think a few Wizards fans should note this comment:

    “I think preseason is important not so much for the results but for the team to grow and develop.”

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