Soccer Saturday

The Columbus Crew cruised to a 4-0 victory in this morning’s preseason game against the Wizards.  Pictures, play-by-play, commentary and much more on the match at HillcrestRoad.  My only note: stil no sign of Victorine.  While it could be an injury, personal issue, etc., his name was a popular target for trade rumors this offseason.  Could something be in the works?

Lastly, the weekly ex-Wizards abroad update.  Only two today as Will John and Chris Konopka continue pre-season. 

  • Eddie Johnson did not dress in Fulham’s 1-0 loss to Middlesbrough this morning.  Of note, EJ was listed as injured on the Official Premier League website’s match preview.  Fulham still sit in the relegation zone in 19th place.
  • Josh Wolff started and played 83 minutes for 1860 Munich in their dramatic 2-1 win over FC Kaiserslautern on Friday.  1860 scored the game winner in the 90th minute and Kaiserslautern’s coach was fired following the match.  1860 is now just one point back of second in the Bundesliga 2 table — is promotion in the cards?

3 Responses

  1. I heard that Sasha’s wife is pregnant and due fairly soon. Maybe thats why he isn’t in florida?

  2. That would certainly account for his absence. Thanks for the info.

  3. Yeah, pretty sure I heard the same about Sasha.

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