I Voted Today…Did You?

While democracy is in action nationwide today, let’s use the occasion to take a look at a preliminary vote of our own. How will the Wizards finish in 2008?, asks kcwizards.com.

As of today: 36% predict the team’s 2nd MLS Cup, 20% say a return trip to the conference finals, 26% voted make playoffs, and 18% chose miss playoffs. Apparently, Curt and Co. aren’t the only ones optimistic about the boys in blue this season.

Realistically, what should we expect? If the team is rebuilding, what is a satisfactory point total and/or finish? Is anyone more excited about the progress being made by OnGoal off the field as opposed to on?

And while we’re in the voting mood, Kansas City’s Spanish newspaper Dos Mundos asks: Do you think the Wizards should have let go Jose Burciaga and Nick Garcia?


6 Responses

  1. Garcia for Meyer? We’ll have to see on that one. I’m skeptical.

    I can’t figure out where the optimism is coming from, I can only guess it’s people who don’t know what we have lost so far compared to what we have gained.

    Why don’t they spend some of the EJ money on some EXPERIENCED talent?

  2. what EJ money?
    Really, his contract was under different rules. KC pretty much just gets an allocation.

  3. I think making the playoffs is attainable.
    After that, we’ll see what happens.

  4. Garcia and Burciaga weren’t going to score goals this year and I think the team badly needed a new direction, so I’m okay with the trades. I’m hoping we’re still looking to bring people in before the April deadline.

  5. Two guys with Latino heritage, never thought of the fact we were trading away those kind of players. But if the Latino community is worried about not having someone to root for, I think our South Americans will give them their fix. (2 Argies, 1 Columbian on the way and I hope he’s as good as Angel)

  6. Dos Mundos- almost none of their stories have comments

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