Gold Star

Two stories today from the Kansas City Star! 

  •  Bob Luder on GK Kevin Hartman’s new physique.  
    • “It was recommended to me,” Hartman said matter-of-factly. “And when things are recommended around here, you take them seriously.”
  • Pete Grathoff on the prospect of playing two games at Arrowhead this season.
    • This one is simple math: 10,000 seats at CAB vs. 80,000 at Arrowhead.  David Beckham and ticket sales will drive this decision.  But what about the 2nd game it mentions?

Lastly, the Official FC Dallas Blog details the visa process for international players.  If you are like me and wondering how or why it could be taking so long for Ivan Trujillo to join us for preseason, this explains.  


One Response

  1. Wasn’t there talk about a good double-header game of some kind this year? Wouldn’t it make sense that a double-header would be big enough to be played at Arrowhead?

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