False Sense of Security?

From Bob Luder of the Kansas City Star comes this head scratcher: Wizards confident goals will come despite departure of Eddie Johnson.  Okay, so you didn’t expect them to come out and say they are worried about the team’s ability to find net.  But perhaps hopeful would have been a better choice of a word to describe the current strike force’s potential.  Everyone is saying all the right things (Sealy assures he’ll be healthy, Pore is predicting a good season, Arnaud is recovering rapidly, Marinelli will be in a more attacking position, Trujillo is expected to sign, etc.), but I’d rather not be banking on a best case scenario that history indicates against otherwise.

I mean, KC’s “go to striker” Scott Sealy was paid $33,075 last year — not exactly go to striker compensation.  You’d think a team that has such high expectations out of a player wouldn’t be afraid to put the money where their mouth is.

I’m extremely excited about this group and molding them into a team,” Onalfo said.

Goal scoring will certainly become more of a team effort this season, with a scoring by committee approach likely to be employed.  Where do you think the team’s goals will come from this season?  Will they be able to match the 45 they put in last season?  Who will take the penalties with EJ and Jose gone?  Will we score off a corner?


6 Responses

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  2. I like Onalfo’s positive attitude, but he basically has the same offensive team as last year minus EJ, and this team had trouble scoring late in the year. He doesn’t draft ANY forwards. He trades two veteran defenders, so we basically have one starter on the back line, plus he changes formations to 3-5-2 for a team that leaked goals like a cracked dam. I hope the kids prove they are worth their weight in goals. Am I worried? Hell yes…..but I’m still excited for the season to start. 🙂

  3. I will be VERY disappointed if the Wizards do not go after a legitimate,proven scorer. They do not have one now.

    What are they doing with the EJ money?

  4. Sealy isn’t a legitimate proven scorer?

  5. first, i think many feel sealy is too injury prone to be relied on as a go to striker for a full season.

    second, sealy has always been paired with a usmnt striker (wolff or johnson) that got most of the attention of the opposing defense.

  6. Right on Missouligan, regarding Sealy

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