Super Sunday

Not too often that I get to blog about Wizards play-by-play commentator Sean Wheelock, but today presents such an opportunity.  Sean, having covered his fair share of soccer and football, tells Brant Parsons of the Orlando Sentinel why New England’s 18-0 season is minor compared to Arsenal’s 26-0-12 season in 2003-04.

Mark my words, there will be another perfect season in the NFL long before there is ever another one in the English Premier League.”

Lastly, the Wizards defeated the US U-17 men’s national team 3-0 this morning in Florida.  Full recap of the pre-season scrimmage at HillcrestRoad


2 Responses

  1. Seriously? They only scored 3 goals on a bunch of teenagers? Ouch.

  2. Well, at least they were the best 16 yr olds in the country. 🙂

    The U-17’s looked pretty darn impressive in the Nike Friendlies a couple months ago. Hopefully we were using it as a chance to scout the up and comers as well.

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