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With 2 months until opening day, the Wizards are one of only two teams not to have signed any new players in the offseason (excluding draftees, of course); Toronto is the other.  While a move for Colombian Ivan Trujillo has been widely reported and is allegedly pending a work visa, no official announcement has been made and he is not in preseason with the team.  On the other hand, the Wizards have waived four rookies, traded away two starting defenders, and lost two more to European transfers, most notably team MVP Eddie Johnson. 

This trend largely reflects last year’s offseason when the Wizards lost a marquee striker to Europe, three players to trades (coincidentally, two were often used defenders), and six others to either retirement, injury or waivers.  Goalkeeper Kevin Hartman was the only incoming move made, filling out the rest of the roster with 8 of the team’s 10 draft picks (Eric Frimpong and Michael Todd being the exceptions).  Eventually, Argentines Carlos Marinelli and Eloy Colombano were acquired in-season, while Yura Movsisyan was traded away late in the year.

All of this is compiled more clearly in Wizards Player Movement (word .doc), but the moral of the story is: this team certainly appears to be rebuilding.  Already, we have 11 players on roster from the last three drafts (2005: Lowery, Pore, and undrafted Raybould; 2006: Kronberg, McMahen, Wahl, and Watson; 2007: Harrington, Hohlbein, Kraus, and Morsink), and one has to believe we will add at least a handful more from our nine draft picks this season — though surely not the 80% we signed last year.  While there will be some roster shakeup, as of today, only 7 players of our 28-player roster are older than 25 (Arnaud, Conrad, Hartman, Jewsbury, Sealy, Victorine, Zavagnin), all of whom are sure starters this season.  

Time will tell what this says about our depth and competitiveness, but it is interesting to note nevertheless.


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  1. Just FYI, we didn’t draft Lowery in 2005. He was drafted by CO, spent 2005 with them and spent all of 2006 looking for a job in Europe. Came back this year and the Wizards signed him.

    Also, if you’re going to look at our numbers, you should probably look at your breakdown in regards to our senior roster (18 spots) and our developmental roster (10 spots).

  2. You’re too nice. Rebuilding requires some experienced mentors to fill key roles. So far the Wizards have not brought in any such players.

    I’m very concerned with this approach. They better have more than an unproven Trujillo to add. Seems crazy.

  3. dtb, i didn’t say we drafted lowery, merely that he was from that draft and on our roster. but thank you for clarifying that for everyone.

    as for the developmental roster vs. senior roster, that’s where i think we will see some of the shakeup. any of the field players that turn 25 during this calendar year are not eligible for the developmental roster, as i understand it, so that will affect colombano, lowery, pore, raybould, and watson. i don’t see kc keeping all 5 of those on the senior roster.

    so for the developmental roster you have 10 spots for the following 15 players: harrington, hohlbein, kronberg, kraus, morsink, wahl, and our 9 draft picks.

  4. Watson is the only one of the guys that was a dev player last year. I’m fairly sure the other guys were full roster players. On your second list of players, I think the only one I remember for a fact being a dev player was Kraus. I’m fairly certain that at least Harrington was not. The other ones I can’t remember what their status was last year.

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