Supplemental Draft Follow-Up

  • Yesterday was a case of deja vu for Pat Healy.  Taken with Kansas City’s first pick in the MLS Supplemental Draft last Thursday, Healy was selected with the Baltimore Blast’s first pick in the MISL College Draft yesterday.  Pat, currently participating in preseason with the Wizards, is the son of Blast President and GM Kevin Healy.
  • The Wizards’ second pick in the Supplemental Draft, Vicente Arze, has not yet signed with the Vancouver Whitecaps, but is close and could next week according to the Vancouver Sun.
  • Tom Gray, KC’s third pick, got a write-up by the Northeast Conference — standard quote from the coach and it highlights stats and accomplishments from his collegiate career.
  • Finally, Andrew Kartunen spoke before the combine about injuries that took away all of his junior season (shoulder) and half of his senior season (concussion).

    Look for a piece on the Wizards’ two Generation Adidas Players and top two picks — Chance Myers and Roger Espinoza — later today.


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