EJ to Fulham Tomorrow

The news keeps pouring in. This article from the Fulham website says all you need to know:

US international striker, Eddie Johnson, will return to the UK on Thursday and Hodgson thanked US coach Bob Bradley for allowing the striker special dispensation to miss the US’ forthcoming training camp and fixture against Mexico on February 6.

“Eddie Johnson was granted a work permit and had to return to America immediately because the granting of a permit is the catalyst for getting him the necessary permits from America to allow him to come here. We couldn’t send him back to do the necessary procedures in America until he got the permit. When that happened we sent him back as fast as we possibly could and he will return on Thursday.

“I’m very grateful to the US national team coach Bob Bradley, who has agreed that he won’t be calling him back on Sunday night or Monday morning for the friendly match. I’m much happier that he’s now part of our game on Sunday.”


One Response

  1. Dang, Eddie won’t have a chance to get some old fashion paybacks on Oswaldo Sanchez for that attempted cheapshot last year.

    But I wonder if this means he’ll get some time on Sunday for Fulham.

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