Monday Musings

  • Jimmy Conrad sighting — has these two shots of Jimmy Conrad in rainy USMNT Camp in Carson, Calif. Hopefully things are going better for the Wizards’ captain since his unpleasant plane ride there.
  • The one time it may be better to be bottom of the table? The Houston Chronicle lists the 2007 average ticket price for all MLS teams and Kansas City comes in with the cheapest at $17.50 — the league average is $22.47. Now if only attendance wasn’t at the bottom of the table, too. And probably will be for the next two years while playing at CAB.
  • Do the Wizards need a new name? A Yahoo! Answers user thinks a change may be in the works and is asking for suggestions. The post, created yesterday, claims, “Some of these answers will be forwarded to Kansas City’s focus groups working on ideas for the opening of their new stadium” and drops Robb Heinemann’s name. A matching MySpace username exists for a 27-year-old from Kansas City so maybe this some merit to it. I wouldn’t bet on it.

5 Responses

  1. I had no idea we were the lower end of the ticket prices. How does that compare to the other pro teams in town? Royals, Cheifs, etc.

  2. The Royals are 29th out of 30 in MLB at $14.48 per ticket. The Chiefs are 10th out of 32 at $73.92 per ticket.

  3. things like ticket prices should be proportional to cost of living. kc is one of the cheapest places to live, and naturally, the ticket prices will be cheaper than those in ny or la… chiefs not withstanding, because king carl and the mindless drones who’ll pay whatever to get into arrowhead. nfl prices are so out of whack, they shouldn’t be considered in any conversation.

    on the whole, sporting events are too expensive, but everything’s become such a business now. jimmy’s really disappointed by it.

  4. Wouldn’t it also stand to reason that for many people, a lower cost of housing living etc gives them more expendable income? I get that salaries overall are lower here, but not for everyone.

    NFL prices also aren’t out of whack. They charge what they think there is demand for. There are only 8 games a season and lots of NFL fans. KC is starting to outprice their product (which has sucked) and they’re seeing diminishing attendance.

    The Royals have to fill the stadium 81 times so there is too much supply and they end up at 14.48 per ticket.

    I just don’t get complaining about prices. Don’t go if you think it’s too expensive. It’s a choice.

  5. Hopefully tickets to the Bannister stadium will be cheaper at face value…the total cost for attending games will go up however, when you factor in flak jacket cost, bullet-proof windows for the car, extra cany money to coax scared kids in to coming, etc…..

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