Living Out of a Suitcase…

*From a 3/29/06 Rise Mag Player Profile

Welcome to Kansas City, Chance Myers. The No. 1 draft pick was scheduled to arrive today to meet his new town and his new team. But no one can blame him if all he wants to do is rest. Let’s see if I can get his last two weeks’ schedule straight.

Chance went from US Under-23 training camp in Bradenton, FL to the MLS Combine in Fort Lauderdale, FL, then back to Bradenton for camp, then to Baltimore, MD for the MLS SuperDraft, then back to Bradenton for camp, then home to Thousand Oaks, CA for three days, and finally to Kansas City today.

And then came this news: Report to Bradenton on Saturday for another US Under-23 training camp!

It’s been a dizzying last two weeks for the 20-year-old, but the good news just keeps coming. From becoming a surprise No. 1 draft pick to now being one of 13 players asked to return from the prior U-23 camp, Myers has positioned himself well to be selected for Peter Nowak’s olympic qualifying squad which will compete in the CONCACAF tournament in March for the region’s two spots in Beijing.

And to think he didn’t even decide to turn pro until less than three weeks ago. “It came so fast,” Chance told his hometown paper. “I’m already going to work. I mean, I’ve been in college a year and a quarter, and now this is a big lifestyle change, a major change of pace.”

Having spent most of January in Bradenton, February will be more of the same for Myers. The Wizards will train there from February 1-16.


5 Responses

  1. Nice graphic, I think that is what has set this site apart from dtbl and others. That extra photo/graphic type stuff. Anyway, it sucked when fg said he was quiting, whoever you are you’re picking up right where he left off.

  2. Dang, reading abou this guy confirms one thing- I’m freekin old.

  3. You must be old then.

  4. Yeah, when Fight Club is your favorite movie, Vans are your favorite shoes and The Proud Highway is your favorite book…you ain’t been around very long.

  5. […] The Wizards No. 1 draft pick is the focus of the U.S. Under-23 Blog “Guess Who” game, as well as a CenterCircle interview.  So in addition to his favorites that we found out earlier, he… […]

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