Eddie Explains…


How’d he get word of the transfer? An email from his ‘best friend’ Clint Dempsey.  Deuce definitely had to have played a part in EJ’s decision.  I mean, they even order the same food when they go out (in which he gives KC a shout out for having the best bbq).
His mom’s reaction? ‘You’re moving to England?!’
Thoughts on MLS? ‘It got me as far as I could get.’
And on the EPL? ‘Looking forward to seeing how I match up against the best forwards and defenders in the world.’

It’s all in the US Soccer’s exclusive video interview with Eddie, right here.  Great stuff.

So what does he need to do to succeed at Craven Cottage?  Will he or won’t he?  Martin Rogers takes a good look at EJ’s future in the EPL.


5 Responses

  1. youre a winner.

  2. Good interview. I wish EJ well. My gut tells me he’ll do well out of the shoot because of his raw speed. I do think he’ll struggle long term if he doesn’t get tougher and add some moves to his repetoire. We’ll see.

  3. I just want to see Eddie and Dempsey do a rap together.

  4. haha, well will you settle for Eddie and Dempsey interviewing each other in germany?

  5. I guarantee EJ and Dempsey will rap together within the next 2 years. Bad ideas like that are too hard to pass up.

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