Drum Roll Please…(update)

Eddie Johnson has signed with Fulham.

Fulham announced the news on their website this afternoon. The contract runs through the summer of 2011. Now we await confirmation on the transfer fee paid to MLS and what portion of that Kansas City will get. EJ joins fellow Americans Kasey Keller, Carlos Bocanegra, Clint Dempsey, and Brian McBride at Craven Cottage. With 15 games left, Fulham sits in 19th out of the 20 English Premier League teams and are 5 points back of relegation safety. This is familiar territory for a team that finished in 16th position last season, one point clear of relegation. Rumors are flying that a replacement is in the works for manager Roy Hodgson, hired less than a month ago to replace Lawrie Sanchez, but Hodgson has brought in a batch of transfers to try to save their season. Can Eddie help them do just that?

UPDATE: KCW confirm the signing in a press release (later rereleased). Luis Bueno’s take on the turn of events is here: Slip of the Tongue.


9 Responses

  1. The Wizards are geting $6 Million for EJ. Man I hope they use it right.

  2. I think the reports/rumors are $6 million to MLS , so about 4 Million in allocation for KC.
    Hmmm we already have trujillo… GET Feilhaber !!!!
    whatever happens its gonna be quite a different team next year.
    I can’t wait.

  3. Feilhaber? You sure? o.0

  4. We have very little to no shot of getting Feilhaber. As a US international, he’d go into a weighted lottery if no one wanted to use an allocation on him. If multiple teams use an allocation on him, it goes by allocation order. The Wizards are not very high up that list.

  5. Trujillow better not cost too much..he’s totally unproven. We should have a ton of money to spend on a DP.

  6. Per Sam from the team (on BS) the press release is incorrect in that the team gets 2/3 of the fee.

  7. AJF, it’s highly HIGHLY unlikely we’ll get a DP this season.

  8. $ 4million to EJ himself, $2million to MLS/KCW

    Not sure how that $2 mill is split

    But we need more than Trujillo to replace EJ.

    Desperately need another forward, another mid and a defender in my opinion

  9. I thought it was the other way around. 4 million buyout to MLS. 2 million to EJ.

    Who knows exactly how much if any the Wizards are getting due to EJ’s grandfathered DP-lite contract.

    The Wizards will at the very least receive a major allocation which is essentially 500,000 of free money which can be used in a number of ways for personnel.

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