Debuting Tuesday (update)

This opportunity was too good to pass up, and I had the free time to do it. New look Fulham will take on Bolton on Tuesday. The game is being shown tape delayed on FSC. Will Johnson make his debut?

UPDATE: Kansas City Star story by Bob Luder. Vermes notes that Johnson’s transfer was a “very special case” and a “very complicated deal.”

“We already had a substantial amount of allocation money,” Vermes said. “But this really took it up a notch. Could we go for a designated player right now? You bet. But we’re not in a rush to get it done. It has to be right for us.”


18 Responses

  1. niiiiiiiiice.

  2. That is the coolest photo I’ve seen in a long time!

  3. That’s fantastic.

  4. “Well done Gary!”

  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^ what? Who is Gary?

  6. Gary is probably … the poster of the story … mizzouligan82


  7. Gary is a character from Team America, World Police. MM is quoting the movie.

  8. I figured at least one other Wizard fan would have seen the movie.

  9. Seriously amazing picture.

  10. Coming in to save the m$%#*$#@(#! day, YEAH!

  11. haha this is awesome

  12. […] Props: Life as a Cottager & Oz City (source of the graphic) […]

  13. wasn’t that on The Offside Rules a couple days ago? Might wanna give them some credit for that photo

  14. stee…check the credit on the offside rules before accusing the blogger of plagiarism

  15. Even a Red Bulls Fan can say that is pretty good!!! An we do not have much to give props for!!!!

  16. Absolutely HYSTERICAL.

    Bravo brother.

    From a Red Bull / Fulham fan.

  17. Props from The Offside Rules and now SBI. Alright OZ City! C’MON WIZARDS!

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