I’m Out, Where to Find Your News

While I love the Wizards and plan to be at as many games as I can get to this year. I just don’t have time to keep up with this blog. The good news is that by weeks end there will be an official Wizards blog that will do some of the stuff I’ve done and more. Also Downthebyline does a good deal of daily stuff that should keep you up to date with the team. I made one last ditch effort to get him to take over OzCity with my doing post from time to time and practice reports when they start up again. Since that has failed I’m going to simply let the site die, it became more a part time job than an enjoyable hobby. I look forward to meeting many of you during the season, thanks for reading and commenting. Anyway I won’t leave you stranded, here is a list of where to get your news now. If any individuals or a group of you would like to start this up send me and email and I’ll set you up to do so.

Big Soccer – Forum site with all sorts of Soccer news.

???????????ad – Official KC Wizards Blog – I am most excited about this blog, get ready for team access like we’ve never experienced before. I’ll come back and update the link when it is made public.

Kansas City Soccer Review – New KCsoccer blog with lots of potential, can’t wait to see what they do.

Downthebyline – Good Wizards specific blog.

Soccer by Ives – Tons of breaking MLS news.

Du Nord – League Wide links to news, including interesting blog post.

Soccer Insider – Washington Post site with League wide stuff, really does have more “inside” info than anyone else.

Google News – simply put in “Kansas City Wizards” and it tells you what news is out there, be sure to sort by date.

The Kansas City Wizards Homepage

The Kansas City Star Wizards Section

MLS Rumors – League wide rumor info


10 Responses

  1. Brian

    I don’t see why you have to drop the blog completely. I understand lack of time and such, but why not just pull back a little bit yet continue on. Maybe keep up the search for someone to take it over. We can use more and more diverser kinds of blogs.

  2. I’m not deleting it, the pages to the left and domain name would give someone a great start. I’m too obsessive to just do it a little though. There are plenty of places to get your Wizards now that there is the official blog and kc soccer review. When I started just three months ago there was only downthebyline, who has improved to be a great blog as of late.

  3. What about a ‘team’ approach? I think I could tell that you were a bit obsessive due to amount of info you happened to aquire (and doing things like getting the training facilities tour and the whole jersey sneak peak bit)… so I can see how you couldn’t just do it half-way, but if you didn’t have to do it all yourself, would that work?

    Not that _I_ could necessarily nominate myself for such a job, but if there _were_ some folks who would share the work load…

  4. Brian, I appreciate the work you’ve done. As I told you, you’ve pushed me to make my blog better, and I appreciate that.

  5. SombraAla – I agree about that team approach, it’d be nice to find some others to also do the work with him.

  6. Team approach would absolutely work. I’ve emailed someone who is interested in it, I’ll approve him to be an administrator, if there is anyone else that would like to post and keep up postings with news, etc. send me and email and I’ll tell you how to get set up to do so. Community approach to this is the only way it won’t wear out anyone doing this. If this keep going I plan to get to practice from time to time with video/pictures and report, etc.

  7. I suggest dividing in to various geographic reporting areas. I could take the Bannister area to monitor the building of the stadium complex (and the stealing of materials that will undoubtedly happen regularly, thus driving up the cost). I only request a flak jacket and hazard pay.

  8. or you could just leave it to someone that actually is giving the area a fair chance….

    Novel concept I know.

  9. I am more than willing to sign on as a partial writer.

    Humor and supporter culture and whatnot.

  10. I still can’t find my WP email. T_T Otherwise, I’d already be up. But I wouldn’t be much help down here in Wichita.

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