Women’s Soccer to KC?


Steven Goff of the Washington Post’s Inside Soccer spoke to the head of the new women’s professional soccer league, creatively called Women’s Professional Soccer. There are currently 7 teams that will begin play around April 4th 2009. One note of interest is that they are looking to add an 8th and maybe 9th club before the first game is played and Kansas City along with San Jose, Vancouver and Cary, NC were mentioned as possible destinations. If you’re reading this you are probably a big soccer fan and live in the Kansas City area, so would you attend Women’s Professional Soccer games?


9 Responses

  1. Yes, I’d go. I’d also love a chance to take my daughter to the games.

  2. While I have enjoyed watching women’s games at the olympic/world level, I don’t think I could get in to this. It’s like watching men in very slow motion (or me, these days). If I had a daughter, maybe. But I just can’t see this flying. The WNBA is a relative joke, what will this be?

  3. AJF says it perfectly. I mean, I’m all for equal opportunity for women and all that, but I’d be lying if I said i’d go to a women’s game. It’s really horrible to watch.

  4. As sexist as it sounds I’d go if there were some attractive girls on the team. I don’t mean like super hot wearing hardly nothing, I just mean so long as they were not all manly or Lesbo like, aka WNBA.

  5. Definitely, I’ve been a big fan of women’s soccer at the college level and to see some of those girls have a chance to play professionally would be awesome. It can only help rebuild our national team too.

  6. Have to agree with AJF on this one…the WNBA comparison is pretty dead on.

  7. I have to chime in with AJF. I’d likely go to a few games a year, but the style of play just looks so slow in comparison.

  8. I’ll be honest the one thing that makes me believe I would go to a women’s game is that I have a daughter on the way and I think it would be fun for her to see girls playing at the highest level.

  9. I hate the WNBA because the girls all look like manly lesbos and I don’t want my daughters to look up to that ideal. If the WPS league has some form of femininity I’ll go with my daughters and son all the time. Who knows I may even become a fan myself, I didn’t start off going to Wizards games because I was a fan, it took time.

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